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F.O.P is a MILFToon porn comic about Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents as he uses his wishes to satisfy his urges.

The Fairly OddParents MILFToon Chapter 1

The Fairly Oddparents MILFToon chapter 1 shows bulma in her bunny girl outfit about to get fucked by her son Trunks. Her blue tights are ripped, and her son is starting to enter her tight pussy, it turns out this scene is on a TV where timmy turner is watching it while Wanda, his fairy god mother, is licking his dick. There’s nothing in ‘Da Rules’ that prohibits Timmy from wishing his fairy godmother to suck his cock while watching some DBZ porn and having his godfather disappear for an hour. While Timmy is watching Trunks fuck his mom he wishes that he could fuck Bulma as well, with his cock in between Wanda’s tits, she asks if that’s an official wish, he says that it is and she fulfills it as she’s glad he won’t be fucking her this time. Timmy enteres the dragon ball z porn with Bulma in the bunny girl outfit, passed out with her son’s semen over her, he sticks it into bulma’s vagina and starts pounding her. Timmy is close when wanda shows up saying that he better hurry up as there’s a big muscled guy outside he creampies her and cums all over her face, just then Vegeta breaks down the door, scared, Timmy quickly wishes he wasn’t there.

Wanda scolds timmy and claims it’s the last time she’s helping Timmy cum, she states that she’ll find another way to help him cum. Wanda comes up with a plan to get Timmy to wish for a hot girl and once he’s done they can just wish her away, while she’s talking Timmy starts to lick Wanda’s boobs and finger her pussy, Wanda asks if he wants to wish for the hot girl now, but he says he’ll do it later and starts fucking Wanda on his bed from behind. Wanda thinks to herself that she shouldn’t have given him a fairy dick when he wished for a bigger one since they’re too good to resist. Timmy ends up finishing inside her vagina, Wanda glad that he didn’t fuck her ass this time.

Later that evening Vicky is babysitting Timmy when she orders the brat to bring her a soda, Timmy brings back the soda and ‘accidently’ spills it over her, she heads to the bathroom to clean up and tells the brat to clean everything up. After seeing Vicky’s hot body wet from the soda, Timmy wishes for every woman who sees his dick to get addicted to it, while Wanda checks ‘Da Rules’ Timmy starts fingering her, Wanda ends up giving in as she doesn’t want to fuck him again and if she finds out that it’s against ‘Da Rules’ she’ll undo everything later. In the bathroom, Vicky is washing off when Timmy enters revealing his new magic penis, as soon as Vicky sees it she is entranced and starts rubbing his dick, Timmy commands for her to show him her tits and she does exactly that. He asks her to suck his cock before his parents come home and she starts deepthroating while he’s sitting on the toilet, he pulls her away from his dick and asks to fuck her before he ejaculates. Ripping open her tights, she sits on the toilet and spreads her legs open for Timmy, he starts slamming his cock into her tight vagina, and finally creampies inside her. Just then the door opens and Timmy’s mom ends up seeing his magic cock, and Wanda quickly closes it hoping she acted fast enough before she got into a full trance.

An hour later Mrs.Turner is done cooking Dinner and is asking Timmy to come down, Timmy is fucking Wanda from behind and he finishes all over her back. Wanda excuses herself seeing that she’s exhausted from all the sex and leaves for the night. Later that night, Timmy is having a dream of fucking Bulma in her bunny girl outfit, and a threesome with Vicky and Wanda and Bulma and Vicky. Mrs. Turner enters Timmy’s room while he’s sleeping and sees that he has a boner and a giant cock, unable to resist she starts sucking it, he blows a huge load in his mother’s mouth and she leaves for the day wanting to do it again tomorrow. Timmy wakes up thinking he was dreaming when he sees his mother’s night robe on the floor. The next few days, Timmy continues to try and avoid his lustful mother but every time he sleeps she comes back to him and sucks his dick.

One day Timmy has had enough, he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since his mother keeps sucking his cock every chance she gets, he comes up with a plan to seduce her in the day but it’ll be hard because she won’t be under the lust spell. Wanda comes up with a plan, the next day, Timmy goes to his mom and reminds them of the deal they made, if Timmy can get all A’s he would get the bike she promised him. Mrs. Turner is suspicious at first since her son is normally an awful student but ends up caving in and driving Timmy to the store, when they arrive at the bike shop the Bike is all sold out and Timmy is tearing up.

Back at the house, Timmy is whining on the couch saying the Bike was the last chance he would get to see a pair of boobs, Mrs. Turner not wanting to disappoint her son drags him to the kitchen and flashes her boobs. Timmy starts groping them and jerking off at the same time, not able to finish he drags her to the couch. Mrs. Turner gets bent over and her panties pushed to the side gets penetrated by her son, Timmy continues to pound his Mom while she reads a MILFToon comic, eventually he finishes all over her back. Mrs. Turner is not yet satisfied and starts fully undressing and inviting Timmy to join her in the shower, Timmy eats her out and makes her orgasm while showering. They continue fucking on his parent’s bed missionary and cowgirl.

As days past their lust didn’t die down. Timmy and his Mom fucked before her Mom went out on a dinner date with her husband, on the kitchen counter top, in the morning during breakfast, while watching TV together on the couch, and even in the car. Fairly Odd Parents by MILFToon ends with Mrs. Turner getting pregnant and them continuing to fuck even after that, the end card is Cosmo finally getting to fuck Wanda.