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Jessica Rabtits is a parody porn comic featuring MILF Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit by Inusen for MILFToon.

Jessica Rabtits Chapter 1 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) MILFTOON

Jessica Rabtits Chapter 1 shows off the main MILF/mom, she’s Jessica Rabbit a hot redhead MILF in her classic red dress. Chapter 1 starts off with the rabbit family being tight on money, Jessica Rabbit has a job interview and her husband is hoping she gets the job. The son is playing around with his camera when he overhears their parents conversation and states that if his mom allows him to take pictures of her they’ll have enough money to pay for everything. Jessica Rabbit rejects the son’s offer as she spent a lot of time getting people to fall in love with her voice over her body, and she’s not going to undo that with a couple of modeling photos.

At the job interview and Jessica Rabbit’s former job, she’s seen on her knees blowing the boss who is an old man. While the old man is cumming, he says that if she lets him cum inside her the job is hers, she thought it was supposed to be just a blowjob and leaves saying she won’t cheat on her husband, the old man jeers at her saying that she’ll change her mind when she really needs the money.

At night Jessica Rabbit is wearing some sexy lingerie and she’s on the couch with Roger Rabbit, she tells him that she couldn’t get the job and gets up to check on her son Larry for the night before going to bed. While walking to his room she decides to herself that she’ll do the modeling job until she has enough money to do her singing career again. She enters his room and asks what the job entails, and he says that she probably won’t like it since it’s kind of an only fans type deal where she has to do pictures in her underwear but she would get $500. Interested with the amount of money she agrees to do the job even though she would have to show some skin, the son says that he can get all the equipment ready by tomorrow morning but he makes her agree that she’ll do everything he asks of her during the shoot, she agrees.

The morning after, shortly after Roger Rabbit leaves for work, Jessica Rabbit is wearing a blue corset and a garter belt, as she starts posing the corset breaks and her boobs show. Her son lets her know and she asks what they should do now, since they can still model the panties, the son suggests that she lays down on the bed and spread her legs to show off the panties. Jessica Rabbit starts modeling the clothes, Larry starts getting a close up of her panties when he realizes that he can see through the panties and notices she’s shaved. He gets closer and gets his mom to spread her legs more and while he starts taking pictures he gets a boner and starts dry humping his boner on her leg. He starts getting on top of her and commands her to close her eyes, he starts getting his dick out and moving her panties to the side, when he trips and false face first into her huge boobs and his dick falls into her pussy. Jessica Rabbit pushes her son off her, but he ends up cumming all over her. Chapter 1 of Jessica Rabtits ends with her kicking her son out of her room and realizing that she got wet from their little encounter.

Jessica Rabtits Chapter 2 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) MILFTOON

Jessica Rabtits Chapter 2 is the night after the ending of chapter 1. Roger rabbit is seen fucking Jessica Rabbit from behind but she’s uninterested and finds his dick stale and small, they’re having emotionless sex when he finished on her back, and Jessica excuses herself for the night. She tells her husband she’s going to have a glass of wine and check on her son, while she is going to her son’s room she thinks to herself that she’ll end up taking her old job at the club even if she has to have sex with the old man every day. When she enters her son is ecstatic and shows his mom the wad of cash he got from the photo shoot they did the other day, they ended up giving them ten times the money because they thought they were sending them adult photos. They ended up sending them money because they thought they had sex because Jessica had semen on her.

Jessica Rabbit gets an idea and whispers to her son that they can trick them again, she tells her son that all he needs to do is get his dick out, rub one out, and finish on her clothes. The son feels guilty about what happened the other day and when he takes it out, he isn’t able to get hard. Jessica Rabbit gets her tits out to help her son finish but he’s too entranced with her tits to do anything so she gets her son to lay down on her lap and she starts jerking him off that way.

Jessica gets on her back and closes her eyes on the bed, the son admits that she doesn’t need to close her eyes and only said that she needed to, to see her naked. When she opens her eyes, her son is on top of her and is about to put it in, she protests but he can’t resist and starts pounding her. He finishes inside her against her protest. The son lets her know that they can become huge internet porn celebrity if she just follows his lead and tells her to wear something nice tomorrow and be more available as they’re going to have a lot of fun.

The next morning Jessica Rabbit is in a sexy white dress with her husband close by as her son starts fucking her from behind, he says that if they do it in front of someone, they can get double the money. He ends up creamping Jessica Rabbit again when Roger Rabbit asks where his son is, he slowly puts gets out from behind his mom and starts talking to his dad but his hand is still groping his mom’s ass. Chapter 2 of Jessica Rabtits ends with the son asking his dad to drive him to a teacher’s appointment, he asks his wife to take him, and she reluctantly agrees.

Jessica Rabtits Chapter 3 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) MILFTOON

There currently is no chapter 3 of Jessica Rabtits by MILFToon. This porn comic is on of the newer MILFToon releases so there is a possibility of there being a chapter 3, especially with Chapter 2 ending off on a cliff hanger.