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The Simpsons is a porn parody comic by MILFToon. Incest family porn comic between Homer-Lisa and Marge-Bart.

The Simpsons Chapter 1 MILFToon

The Simpsons Chapter by MILFToon 1 starts off with Lisa and Homer in bed together, Lisa is worried that her mom (Marge Simpson) might come upstairs and catch them, but Homer reassures her that she’s too busy watching TV. Homer cums in Lisa’s mouth but Lisa thinks that they went too far today, especially with Marge in the house, so Lisa starts watching TV, face down ass up. That view of her daughter is too much for Lisa so he asks if he can rub his dick on her ass, he ends up just putting it in her asshole and they start anal fucking. Marge hears their moans and goes upstairs to check it out, he catches Homer and Lisa fucking and gets furious and kicks homer out of the house. With Homer kicked out of the house Bart becomes the man of the house, he starts working a regular job and doing the chores around the house. Fed up with this Bart says that if he has to do his dad’s chores and job, Marge should treat him like his dad and let him sleep in their bed, Marge reluctantly agrees. Bart convinces Marge to do her marital duties and she takes off her towel to reveal her perky tits and tight vagina. She bends over on their bed but makes Bart promise to pull out before he cums. Bart starts fucking Marge’s butt cheeks and cums on her back, after cumming he instantly passes out. The next morning Marge is getting dressed, and Homer is back home and comes in the room, since Bart is sleeping homer releases any thoughts of them having sex and Chapter 1 of The Simpsons MILFToon ends there.

The Simpsons Chapter 2 MILFToon

The Simpsons Chapter 2 by MILFToon starts off with Bart hardcore fucking Marge Simpson doggystyle on the bed, the moans are loud so Homer goes upstairs to check. When Homer enters the room, he’s too dumb to notice that Marge is cheating on him with Bart and they continue fucking and tease him that he should watch. After Homer leaves Marge gives Bart a blowjob, something she never did for Homer, and she starts riding him again. Homer enters Lisa’s room again and Lisa agrees to do it with him again on one condition, they do it in a way that makes her feel good. Bart and Marge & Lisa and Homer continue fucking in the comic, missionary, from the side and from behind. The Simpsons by MILFToon ends with Homer and Lisa continuing to fuck hours later with Marge and Bart kicked out of the house for their adultery and Homer saying that him and Lisa are getting married.