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There are millions of hentai comics on the internet, and of them, millions more are in a language the reader can not understand. Have you ever thought “This Hentai Comic NEEDS to be translated to english”, well this will hopefully help readers out with this problem.

Since REDDIT is hands down the best way we can find a fair way for people to vote we’ve created a subreddit r/hentai2translate. In this subreddit every week there will be a vote, the top 3 voted hentai comics, porn comics, etc will be translated to english (preferably less than 50 pages), but if it is highly upvoted it will be taken in place of another spot in order for it to be translated on time.

If any translators want to help with this process let me know and I’ll do my best to integrate you into this process.



My Crush is Part of a Sex Cult


an exclusive cartoonporn.to english translation of ‘Houmon Kanyuu’ 424116 on nhentai. The direct translation of Houmon Kanyuu English Translation is Visiting Adultery, the plot is about a guy who happens to have a crush on a girl in his class, but she ends up being apart of a sex cult. One day her mom comes…

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