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A Model Life is about a retired lingerie model Rachel who lives the good life with devoted husband Saul and the lovers that come through their life in their open marriage. Insatiably horny, Rachel needs her pussy filled with hard young cocks on the regular, she discovers that her son will be able to fulfill that lust. While Saul on the other hand shares the young women, his good friend Emery, brings around the house. Elsewhere young babe Brittney has schemes of her own and sets up a bit of mischief. A family incest porn comic by JABComic with lots of MILFS.

A Model Life Chapter 1 Jab Comix

A Model Life’s cover shows Rachel and Brittany the mother and daughter in this porn comic. Rachel is a hot blonde cougar with a sexy tanned body, Brittney is a perky babe with a sexy teen body.

The story starts with Rachel the mom telling her daughter, Britney that she’ll be taking a shower in her bathroom, Brittney asks what’s wrong with her shower, she says hers is unusable since her husband had bean burritos for lunch. Brittney complains that she not only has to share her bathroom with her brother, but now she needs to share it with her mom as well. The MILF apologizes but tells her daughter to tell her brother (Jason) that she’ll be in the shower, Brittney continues her phone call with her friend and tells her she can’t wait to move out. Her brother walks in and asks if it’s ok to use her bathroom, with a smug grin on her face Brittney tells him that he can use it. Jason walks in to the bathroom butt naked and when he opens the shower curtain, his naked MILF of a mom greets him, she figures his sister didn’t tell him that she’d be there. The MILF notices her son’s cock and starts rubbing his shaft saying he’s much bigger from the last time she saw it, after a couple strokes he ejaculates all over her, the mom licks her lips and finger, complimenting his load, the son apologizes but she says it’s her fault for touching a loaded gun. Jason runs out the bathroom, and the MILF realizes she needs another shower, she starts masturbating in the shower.

Later in Jason’s room he’s crying, worried that he’ll never be able to look his mom in the face again. The MILF comes in butt naked and asks her son to talk, the son points out that she’s naked and she figured that it’ll be best for her to be naked for the conversation they’re about to have. He starts rubbing his dick through the towel over it and says she wants to discuss their feelings, the son doesn’t know what she wants him to say and the MILF admits that she’s attracted to him sexually. She takes off his towel and starts stroking his cock, asking if he’s attracted to her as well, he can only let out a nod, the MILF takes the lead and starts passionately french kissing her son. She gets on top of her son and places his cock on her pussy, the son asks what she’s doing, when she replies she’s not letting his erection go to waste and slams her pussy on his cock. The MILF starts riding her son furiously moaning for her son to fuck her, the son asks how he’s doing and she says he’s one of the best lovers she’s ever had.

The dad (Saul) enters his daughter’s room asking where his wife is, she’s says she’s in her bathroom and the dad notices her daughter’s perky tits, he enters the bathroom and hears his wife moaning her son’s name, the little scene that the son and his mother had before was just a fantasy the MILF made up in her head. The husband screams at his wife saying that Emery arrive any minute and tells her to hurry up, she apologizes and says she’ll get ready soon. The husband notices a substance on his wife’s tits but she says it was just a body wash, a gift from Jason.

A while later the MILF is dressed in a skimpy blue party dress when she knocks on her son’s door, she says that it was all her fault and asks her son to forgive her. The son asks if she’s not repulsed by what happened and she says she can never be disgusted by him and asks for a kiss before she leaves, they start french kissing.

In the basement, Saul is talking to Emery about business when the MILF walks downstairs, the husband says it’s about time, but Emery scolds him, saying her beauty is worth the wait, the wife looks at him slyly saying he’s such a charmer. Emery tells Saul to learn to relax as they leave the house.

In Brittney’s room she locks the door, to keep Jason from walking in on her, takes her top off and starts masturbating while moaning “daddy”. In Jason’s room he’s looking up his Mom’s old underwear model pick when she was younger and comments how hot she was, he corrects himself saying she’s still sexy now.

At the club, Saul comments how hot Kassandra is (the date Emery brought), Emery asks if he’d like to fuck her. Kassandra and Rachel are seen dancing in the club with a bunch of young men surrounding them, one has Kassandra’s tits in his hand and the other is rubbing his dick against Rachel’s ass cheek. The young men admit they’re in a fraternity and Rachel asks the guy attached to her why they’re not going for college girls, he replies that none of them are as hot as her.

Back in Brittney’s room she’s back from a shower and takes the towel off and starts dancing naked to some music, Jason, irritated by the music, barges into her room but is faced with his big sister’s sexy ass. “What’s the matter baby bro, don’t you have something to say”, Brittney says as she sees that her brother has a boner. She climbs on top of him and starts teasing him about his hard on, she turns around and starts twerking on his boner, “Jason, you’ve got a chubby for me, don’t you? But I’m your big sister. That’s so naughty.” The door slams and Brittney realizes their parents are back home and kicks her brother out before things go any further.

Rachel is storming back inside sick of Kassandra, Saul is trying to put the moves on her and she eats it all up saying how funny he is. Emery asks Rachel to wait up but she says she has a headache and both the dad’s attention turns to Kassandra and Kassandra asks them if they can guess what she wants them to do to her, they catch the gist and look for a place suitable for what they’re about to do.

Rachel is in the bathroom cleaning up after her, talking to herself on how much Kassandra annoys her, she looks at her boobs seeing if the Frat boy left a hickey and leaves since she can’t hide in their forever.

In the basement Saul and Emery are double teaming Kassandra, Saul starts to eat her out as Emery gets his dick sucked by her, Paul is sneaking downstairs to take a glimpse of his mom in her sexy dress when he sees his Mom spying on Saul, Emery and Kassandra. They’re doubling teaming her when Rachel thinks to herself that they might not even notice if she never gets back, the son is grabbing his boner when he lifts her mom’s dress getting a peek at her wet pussy. Rachel screams and her son apologizes saying it’s just him, Saul asks what’s wrong with her and Rachel says it’s just Jason and that he’ll take him to bed. Jason questions what Saul and Emery are doing when his Mom flashes her pussy and tits and says it’s none of his concern while petting his cock. Saul and Emery continue to double penetrate Kassandra when Saul ends up cumming in her ass, she starts sucking his dick and he instantly gets hard, she teases him that her pussy feels empty and they start going at it again.

In Paul’s room, the MILF is lying next to him when Jason comments that he doesn’t need to get tucked in anymore. While getting wet at the sight of her son’s hardon she asks him if he got a boner because of her in the bathroom, he apologizes but she states that she’s flattered he finds her attractive. Suddenly, the MILF grabs her neck but says it not a big deal, she’s just over done it with all the dancing, the son offers to massage his mom and the mom calmly agrees, in her mind she’s desperate for his touch. He starts massaging her back when she begins to feel his cock between her pussy lips, she starts squirming her hips back and forth and she asks him to go a bit lower. He grabs her hip as she slides her pussy up and down his boner over his shorts, the mom gets up and says she should be getting back to his father, she says her back still feels a bit bad, so he asks if she can stay a bit longer, now having his cock out of his shorts, she sits back down on his lap and says that his father can wait a bit longer.

Back in the basement Kassandra is riding just Saul when Emery gets up and puts on his pants, wondering where Rachel went off to, Saul says he’s about to cum and blows his load inside Kassandra’s tight pussy.

In Jason’s room Rachel has already had two orgasms just sitting on her son’s lap, she notices he still has a boner and offers to help him out, she starts rubbing her pussy against his hard cock, she turns around and starts smothering him while her son plays with her boobs. She starts to up the speed when she asks her son if he would prefer someone younger and sexier than her, he says there’s no one sexier than her and she starts moaning sliding her hips up and down the shaft of his penis.

Outside their room, Emery is greeted by Brittney half naked, she asks if he was looking for her, and he says he was, grabbing her perky tit, she grabs his penis and tells him to follow her. In Jason’s room Jason is about to orgasm when his mother moans “That’s it baby! cum for mommy!”. In Brittney’s room, her and uncle Emery are sixty-nining and she starts choking on his big cock. Jason has ejaculated and he asks his mom if they can do that every night, the MILF says she enjoyed it and she says that can do that again, she starts french kissing her son as she jerks him off. She says that she better clean up the mess and starts sucking him off over the side of his bed. She cleans up the last of the semen and says that she should be getting back, her son asks if she has to and starts fingering her while licking her nipples saying that can do more fun stuff, in her head she’s wishing to feel her son’s cock inside her.

In Brittney’s room she’s sucking off her uncle, when he asks if he can fuck her pussy, she says she’s saving it for someone special, angry at her comment he pulls her pants up and calls her a dick tease, she gets angry and kicks him out. Chapter 1 ends with both Rachel and Emery getting out of the rooms and seeing each other, Rachel guesses he was looking for her to get her to suck him off, she gets on her knees and does just that as Brittney watches them.

A Model Life Chapter 2 Jab Comix

A Model Life Chapter 2 cover shows Rachel and her daughter Brittney in skimpy bikinis, posing for cameras on a yacht. Chapter 2 of A Model Life starts off a following night, with Saul rushing in to the basement with Emery and Kassandra fucking, he takes off his pants and lets them know that they can stay in Jason’s room since he moves him to his sister’s room. He takes out his cock and puts it in Kassandra’s ass, they thank him and Saul asks where Rachel is, Emery says she went off to bed, something about a headache.

Rachel is fingering herself wondering why’s she’s still horny with the busy night she’s had, in the club bathroom, she let anyone fuck her as long as they called her “mommy”. In her bed she is masturbating with multiple vibrators fantasizing about fucking her son, Jason.

Jason is having a similar dream of fucking his mom when he starts groping his sister in his sleep.

In Jason’s room Kasandra and Emery are talking about how Jason obviously has a crush on his mommy, with a Lifesize poster of his mom half naked on a sports illustrated cover, Kassandra says that if she finds a pair of Rachel’s cum soaked panties she would lick them clean off, she sees a picture of Jason and his mom in matching slutty Halloween costumes, Kassandra comments that she would love to see them fuck.

In Brittney’s room the siblings are still having sex dreams about fucking their parents when they moan out loud “mom” and “daddy” respectively, coupled with Jason rubbing his hardon against his sister’s pussy they both wake up.

Kassandra is sucking of Emery as they continue to fantasize about Jason and Rachel fucking, at a pool party last year Rachel was half naked, laying his breasts on top of her son’s head, he asks her to put a top on, but she teases while rubbing his cock with her foot that she remembers a time where he couldn’t get enough of her breasts. The memory takes a turn when Jason starts fucking his mom as Emery starts getting close to climax as Kassandra is sucking his dick.

In Brittney’s room, Jason is apologizes to her, Brittney is too horny and just commands her little brother to take off his PJs and that they’ll be getting back into the same position, she starts stripping and Jason follows suit. Jason is ecstatic, he lifts her leg up but before he puts it in Brittney warns that if he tells anyone they’ll never do it again oh, and she’ll kill him. He slides it in and she moans from just the tip, he starts fucking her and playing with her tits a while later she’s laying on top of him, sleeping after the sex and they end up accidently making out. Brittney, flustered from the kiss, kicks his brother off the bed.

In the morning, Brittney rushes to her dad and gives him a kiss on the cheek, she wishes her uncle a good morning and also the “current skank”, Kassandra is sucking him off on the kitchen table.

In the bathroom Jason is jerking off when the MILF enters, she starts getting on her knees and sucking him off when Jason worries that they’ll get caught, she says that her husband is too busy entertaining the guests and Brittney is being Brittney and starts giving him a boob job. He blows a load in her mouth and the MILF starts to excuse herself saying she should get cleaned up, when Jason interrupts her by attacking her pussy with his mouth, Rachel starts moaning while holding his head against her pussy.

Brittney says she had fun last night to Emery, as she’s getting her ass groped by her dad, he invites her to join him on his private island when Kassandra excuses herself hoping to find Jason before he’s finished in the shower. As she’s walking, she hears Rachel moaning her son’s name and Kassandra peeks in on Jason eating his mother out.

Jason enters the kitchen where Rachel and her Dad are making out, he lets Jason know that even though Emery’s gone he invited them to join him on his yacht and Brittney goes to get ready. Just then Jason gets a sext from his mom it’s of her touching herself, Saul asks Jason if he’s seen his mom when he starts to get nervous, he says that he’ll just find her himself, Jason gets another sext of his mom’s pussy being spread open and Jason quickly warns her that his Dad is coming.

In the car, on their way to Emery’s yacht, Saul is complaining about Traffic, Rachel lets her husband know just what to do to help him chill and starts blowing him in front of her kids. The siblings notice her giving him a blow job and they start getting horny, Brittney starts fingering herself while Jason has a boner and plays with his sister’s tits. Saul ends up cumming in Rachel’s mouth and she states she’s going to take a nap. In the back seat, Brittney gets horny and slides over on her brother’s lap, he questions her and she just tell him to be quiet as she slides his cock in her pussy. She starts bouncing up and down with her tits out when Saul notices his kids doing it, he witnesses, through the rear view mirror his son cumming inside his daughter’s pussy.

The family start boarding the yacht when Emery asks Saul to bring aboard a mysterious bag as he leaves, Emery gets on the phone with someone “Yes, the package is on it’s way … No, he hasn’t a clue what he’s got.”

On the yacht, Rachel and Brittney are sunbathing when a worker greets them asking if they need anything they both ask for a drink as Brittney starts rubbing his cock over his trousers. Rachel suggests to Britney they should suntan naked while the worker is rubbing oil on her ass when Saul walks in and yells for them to get back to work.

They arrive at an island when the workers see them off saying if they need anything just call them and Rachel thinks to herself that it would be hot if by the end of their trip they start calling her mommy. Rachel starts undressing when she asks if Jason setup a towel for her, Brittney asks her dad to join her for a swim while licking a lollipop, the dad agrees pulling her panties to the side with a boner.

Rachel is lying down on the towel when Jason compliments her ass asking to get a better look at it, Rachel says that he’s free to do so, and he pulls aside her bikini spreading open her asshole, drooling all over it. Rachel asks if he would like to remove her bikini and she lets him. He pushes he down and spreads open her legs and starts eating her out. On another yacht a young MILF and an old man are seen spying on them while she gets fucked by him, back on the beach, Rachel is still getting her pussy eaten by her son as she orgasms and squirts over his face.

In the water Brittney tackles her daddy stealing his swimming shorts from him, he asks her to give him back and when she doesn’t she pulls her panties and makes them snap off, he asks her how she likes it as the daughter gets closer, embracing him and touching his shaft.

Rachel is taking the shorts of her son saying that they’re in the way when she gets on top of him calling him a naughty boy for getting her all hot and bothered, the son retorts it’s only fair since she does it all the time to him. He rubs his dick against her pussy lips when he suddenly grabs her arms and pushes her against the ground, now on top, the MILF moans liking when a man takes charge, they start making out. In the water the dad and daughter are making out as well, when Brittney leads her dad to somewhere secluded. The old man and redheaded MILF are still spying on them when he ends up blowing his load inside her.

In private, Brittney is riding his dad reverse cowgirl when she moan that she’s wanted him for the longest time, he admits the same, and she starts bouncing up and down his dick. Rachel and Jason continue to fuck and he starts sucking on his boobs, she says “Oh, Jason you’ve always loved my boobs .. ever since you were a .. baby!”, realizes what she’s doing with her son she gets up and runs away calling the yacht to pick them up. Chapter 2 of A Model Life ends with Jason and Rachel leaving on the yacht without Brittney and Saul, Saul tells Brittney not to worry as he continues fucking his daughter.

A Model Life Chapter 3 Jab Comix

A Model Life Chapter 3’s cover shows a new dark skin family in the center, the MILF has big breasts, and her son and her are holding the shoulders of the father. Jason is seen rubbing his mother’s clit with his boner through his pants, and his father, Saul is doing the same thing to Brittney, his daughter.

The story starts off with Jason banging on his mom’s door asking to talk, the mother is seen still horny from before but she asks her son to leave while rubbing her clit. Jason does so and it cuts to the Redhead MILF and the old man from before still fucking the redhead teases the old man if she thought he’d tell him that he’s better than her husband.

Jason is swearing to himself while going to the top of the Yacht when someone from behind asks him to watch his potty mouth, she asks him to turn around. She’s a hot redhead MILF with curly hair and freckles she says no decent young man should use language like that, and as captain she orders him off the boat, Jason apologizes and she pushes him against the wall playfully, saying she’s just joking. Jason said she had him worried for a second and the Captain asks to apologize with a tour of the boat, they hold hands as she says that they will start with her quarters.

Back on the beach the dad is still fucking her daughter and he asks her if he’s better than Jason, Brittney teases him asking if he’s jealous, he asks if he needs to be and she replies “No Daddy! I love the way you fuck me”.

In Rachel’s quarters she’s masturbating with a dildo and is regretting turning down her son as he feels much better than a toy, she moans her son’s name as she continues to fuck herself with a dildo.

Jason is in the Captain’s quarters, looking at a picture when she was younger. She tells him that she used to own the ship but she lost it, he asks why she says that it’s a long story but she didn’t have a choice, a flashback occurs where a bunch of criminals have her captured while forcing her to sign over the ship. Jason apologizes for bringing up sad memories and she unzips her pants, she teases that he can make it up for her if he lies down with her.

The ship finally arrives back at the beach, and Saul scolds them about how long they had to wait, Brittney comes onto her father and asks him to come to her room, they start making out in public. In the captain’s quarters Jason is eating her out while she starts licking her shaft.

Meanwhile in the storage room Brittney is riding her father, and in Rachel’s room she’s still fucking herself while imagining that Jason is fantasizing about her as well, but Jason isn’t doing that he’s hardcore fucking the redhead MILF of a captain. After they’re done fucking Captain starts some pillow talk and asks about his Uncle emery, just then some thugs with guns break into the room, at the same time they break into Rachel while she’s masturbating and the storage room where Britney and her dad are fucking, they all talk through their walkie-talkies telling whoever is on the other end that everything is clear.

The gangster on the other end lets the thugs know that if they don’t find his merchandise to kill them all. After some time the gangster arrives on their ship and asks Saul about his merchandise while rubbing Rachel’s pussy, Saul let’s him know that he has his ‘workout bag’.

Several hours later the family arrives at the gangster’s mansion, he lets Jason know that he has a game room he witnesses his decked out entertainment wing and Jason begs him to adopt him, hey jokes that he already has a family and leads them to meet his family. Benedicto is the son and Francesca is his wife, the dark skin MILF is suntanning while their son is swimming in their pool, the son’s hog is showing through his pants and asks if the Saul family is joining them for dinner, Brittney bites her lip and thinks to herself that she hopes they do. Francesca agrees and Jason tries hiding his boner while complimenting her body before he stops himself and compliments her home instead, Rachel glares at her son clearly jealous.

Later, they’re having dinner when the gangster (Jose Rodriguez) gives a toast to their new friends, Brittney is seen flirting with Benedicto while Jason is stealing glances with Francesca, they’re interrupted with the sounds of a helicopter. Emery arrives at Jose’s mansion along with 4 babes, Chloe a sexy model, Marianna a busty dark skinned babe, Colleen a petite teen and Jasmine a thicc asian babe, Jose gets a boner at the sight of them, the dads start having a orgy with the babes, Francesca is seen dragging one of her husband’s bodyguards for some fun. In a bar room, Benedicto is flirting with Rachel and tells her he has all her sports illustrated issues and Rachel teases his boner. Brittney and Jason are both jealous in a corner they both decide to go take their parents back and Jason rushes to his mom and pulls her away from Benedicto who sucking on her nipple. Brittney gets to the orgy and sees her dad fucking one of the slutty babes, furious she leaves the room, back in the bar room Jason is seen dragging the MILF who’s passed out drunk, Benedicto is furious and tells himself that she won’t let him fuck her if he hurts her son when Brittney grabs his dick from behind asking him to show her his room.

Some time later, Brittney is getting fucked from behind by Benedicto and she’s blabbing the whole time, he has had enough and flips her around and starts pounding her missionary while she continues to blabber.

Rachel finally wakes up at late night, in the kitchen Benedicto is seen taking things out of the fridge when his mom greets him, he lets her know that he isn’t giving into her anymore, she grabs his dick and teases him “that’s what you always say.” Rachel is walkthrough the house when she hears some sounds coming from the bar room, she sees Francesca getting dicked down by her son, she starts masturbating at the sight, missing what she had with her son. Benedicto continues to fuck his mom from behind when her mother scolds him saying he almost forgot again, he apologizes takes his dick out of her vagina and sticks it in her ass. Rachel is still masturbating furiously at their passionate incest sex and as they both cum Rachel tells herself that she needs to look for Jason.

Rachel barges into Jason’s room and screams “ANAL SEX”. Rachel lets her son know that anal sex isn’t technically sex, Jason jumps at her proposition dropping the phone that he was just watching their sex tape on asking if they’re finally going to have sex again. She tells him yes but he can only cum in her ass, they start making out and the MILF inserts his penis in her pussy, she teases that they need to get his big cock lubricated before they can put it in her tight ass. Chapter 3 of A Model Life ends with them fucking for hours on end and when he’s finally about to cum he asks her if they should switch but the MILF is in a lust trance and asks for a bit more when he ends up finishing inside her. She swears while asking herself what she’s done as Jason is passed out in between his mother’s breasts.