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After Party is a MILFToon comic about an unsatisfied MILF and her son.

After Party – Chapter 1 (MILFTOON)

After Party Chapter 1 introduces us to the main MILF/Mom who is a young fit aerobics instructor, she’s wearing some skimpy gym clothes. It starts off with a fight between the mother and Jason (son) where he wants to go to a party but she won’t let him. The Dad comes home and the MILF and him start having sex, but she clearly isn’t satisfied, after the sex she leaves their room and goes to check on her son, but he isn’t in the room he left for the party. She ends up waiting for him to scold him, but falls asleep on his bed. The son arrives home drunk and when he sees his MILF of a mom asleep on his bed he thinks he’s dreaming and starts rubbing his dick on his hot mom. The MILF ends up waking up to her son dry humping her, she doesn’t want to wake up her husband so she keeps quiet and tries to let him finish, he ends up inserting his dick in her and cumming inside his own mother.

After Party – Chapter 2 (MILFTOON)

After Party Chapter 2 shows the son hungover and his Mom clearly concerned about the night before. Worried that he remembers the MILF confronts her son after her husband leaves, but her son is apparently clueless about what happened the night before, so the Mom asks her son to help her out with her stretch exercises. The Hot MILF is doing stretches in hotpants and a sporty crop top, while stretching she grinds her dick against the son and he gets a boner. The MILF scolds her son and after a heated argument they start wrestle fucking each other. The normally strict and angry mother gets horny and lusty eyed once her son dicks her down.