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Arranged Marriage is a porn Comic about a shota as he forces his step-mother and tricks her. A MILF mother incest with shota porn comic by Inusen for MILFToon.

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 1

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 1 starts by introducing the Main MILF/mom, she is a busty latina MILF wearing a tight blue dress eventuating her nipples. Her son and her have come back from shopping, when she makes a comment about his Dad dying, the son retorts that his Dad isn’t dying and why she has to wear makeup to be at a clinic. The son goes to his room and throws a tantrum about his new Step Mom and her being a gold digger, he hypotheses that the reason she bought new clothes is for her new boyfriend and her new clothes definitely suit her.

arranged Marriage milftoon changing clothes

The son ends up devising a plan in his room and puts it into action later that evening, he goes to her while she’s watching TV on the couch and offers her wine with some sleeping pills in them, a few minutes later she is passed out. He figures if he can get her pregnant while his Dad is at the hospital, he’ll find out she’s cheating and divorce her, so he pulls aside her panties and starts fucking her while hurling insults. He ends up finishing inside her, but to make sure she is certain to get pregnant, he makes sure to fuck the latina MILF multiple times in the following weeks. She gets fucked in a white lingerie, in some mexican nighties, a casual yellow top, and in a hot pink garter belt. The more these sex sessions go on, the better it starts feeling for her son, and since the only name she says in her sleep is his father’s he starts doubting that she was cheating after all. He comes to the conclusion that he should stop fucking his mom, but not doing it after fucking her for so long gets him pent up. He starts spying on her to release some of the tension, but he notices now that she did get pregnant. Chapter 1 of Arranged Marriage by MILFToon ends with the MILF thinking about visiting the doctor tomorrow to check on if she’s pregnant or not.

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 2

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 2 starts with the Latina MILF finding out she’s pregnant. She continues to question it throughout the months and the Dad ends up believing it’s his since they share the same DNA, the MILF concludes that this new pregnancy is a blessing while her step son is still jerking off at the sight of her all these months. While they’re in the pool and the son sees the sight of his Step Mom in a sexy red bikini, he thinks that the new child will be competition for him. The son is having another tantrum in his room, when he comes to the conclusion that if he convinces his Mom that she was the one that had sex with him instead of the other way around he might be able to get his inheritance and his bitch mother out of the house. He ends up getting some weed and hot boxing the living room while his mom is watching tv, he excuses the smell by saying that it’s his new cologne and he leaves to go take a shower while his mother gets more high. The latina step mom horny from the weed greets her son from the shower, and starts embracing him, the son convinces her to go take a nap in her room. He plops her on her bed and slowly starts undressing her, eventually he puts it inside her pussy and starts going to town, the MILF still high gets convinced that she’s the one doing this and she agrees as she starts feeling good. As he gets to the climax he says he hates his mom but she says she loves him, not willing to accept that his step mom isn’t a gold digger he continues pounding her and eventually creampies her. This sobers the mom up but the son continues to reiterate that this was all her idea and she did it multiple times, he continues to guilt trip her and it is successful. Chapter 2 of Arranged Marriage ends with the latina MILF leaving the house in their car, and the son thinking that his mission was successful.

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 3

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 3 starts by the latina milf arriving back home, but not alone, the old dad was apparently healthy enough to come back home. The MILF leaves her husband on the couch, but the son confronts her and tells her to tell the husband about how she cheating on him. The MILF refuses to do it as he is too fragile at the moment, but the son pushes further and starts groping her guilt tripping her into the urges she awoke in him. The step mom forces him to go into his room and a few moments later she enters. The horndog of a son still wants to fuck her, but she refuses so he convinces her to start him off with a handjob. The Latina MILF starts stroking him off while he plays and sucks on her tits. Since it’s taking too long he gets her to get on her knees and give him a blow job, he still isn’t finishing and he gets her to give him a boob job. This whole time the MILF is thinking to herself about how the son isn’t really acting like a victim, and gets suspicious of his story. He finishes on her face and a bit later she confronts him about her theory, he ends up confessing that it was all a plan to get her out because he thought she was a gold digger. The MILF furious tries to leave, but the son doesn’t let her, he claims that the busty step mom must be his and beings to fuck her thinking she’ll fall in love once she gets a taste of his dick. The Mom, fed up with his lies, pushes him off and leaves the room with the promise that she would no longer give him any sexual favors. The following weeks the MILF starts having a normal sexual relationship with her husband again, the son furious that he lost her comes up with one final plan to get her back, be the nice guy. While she’s on the couch he starts comforting her by giving her a massage, the mom exclaims about her hesitance about her son’s sudden change of heart, but the son reassures her that he has a girlfriend now but she’ll never be as good as her. The MILF claims that he’ll eventually forget about her and her fat body and start a family by himself. Unable to control himself he starts groping his mom’s tits and kisses her. The mom pushes him away again but this time with more pain on her face, the son admits her love for her body and starts groping her gigantic pregnant tits, and the latina MILF admits that she’s getting horny from his touch. The son lays his sexy step mom down on the couch and seduces her with more sensual touching and taboo dirty talk, eventually he starts eating her out, the mom looks ashamed but doesn’t protest. He starts fucking her missionary but stops himself and gets her to turn around as her pregnant belly is in the way. The son starts fucking his mom’s fat ass from behind, she exclaims how good it feels and he accidently admits to giving her hormone pills, luckily she doesn’t hear. Finally he finishes inside her, and he asks for another round, just then the dad enters the living room and sees the sight of his son and wife naked on the couch. Chapter 3 of Arranged Marriage by MILFToon ends with the father having a heart attack, with the son and wife looking over him with semen dripping down her pussy.

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 4

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 4 starts with the Latina MILF exclaiming that her water group while they’re calling the ambulance for his father. The paramedics wheel him into their ambulance, while this is happening the MILF starts worrying about her baby and not her husband. The son gets furious that his step mom isn’t thinking about him or his dad. A few days later the father has died but the mother has safely given birth, at the burial the son is thinking that no one was at his dad’s funeral because they were too busy caring for the baby and resentment slowly grows inside him. At the burial the MILF is wearing a sexy black dress show casing her giant tits. The MILF says to her son that they need to head back home to feed the baby, when the son pushes her away and shouts that she was the one that killed his father. The mother tired of his shit, finally blames it onto him and his horny nature, the son ignores this and asks her to bend over. She thinks that he wants to spank her, but he turns around and reveals his dick and jumps her and says he wants to fuck since now he’s the man of the house. The son starts fucking his busty latina MILF on top of the casket while she protests, and pushes him off. She states that they are through and that if he’s still at the house by the time she gets back she’ll have security kick him out. At the lawyer’s office he explains to the MILF that the husband knew she cheating on him as he had a vasectomy years ago, but she will still get his entire inheritance, on one condition, she is to marry the father of the baby and that his son gets to stay in the house as long as he wants. Back at the house, the son his packing his things, when the MILF calls him downstairs, she’s in a robe and some lingerie when she slowly starts undressing her robe and flirts with him. She explains that she’s forgiven him and offers to fuck like rabbits in their room as their baby is at his grandmothers house. Before they start fucking the MILF explains that they have to get married, in the middle of fucking he starts cumming but finishes inside her pussy again. The son exclaims that he’ll never forgive his mother for cheating on his dad, but the MILF claims that she never once cheated on her husband and that she loved him the same way she loves her son.

Arranged Marriage MILFToon Chapter 5

Arranged Marriage MILFToon chapter 5 is 2 months after the end of chapter 4 and the son and the latina MILF have been fucking every day since then. Although the MILF is outwardly complaining she says to herself how much she loves getting dicked down, she starts masturbating when he’s not there and also lets him use her ass something his father couldn’t even do. Worried with her thoughts, she records herself having sex with her son and brings it to a therapist. The therapist is a hot blonde MILF in glasses that has known the latina MILF since high school, she explains to her patient that it’s normal and advises her to use a condom and some birth control pills to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again. During their session the therapist accidently admits that she also has done this with her son. She explains to her patient that one night they were watching TV as a family when the mother leaves and comes back a little drunk. The father is asleep but the covers are over her son so she thinks that he left to his room. She gets on her knees to give her husband a surprise but ends up sucking her son’s dick, after getting his dick wet she goes to have a quickie, while she’s riding him she’s close to finishing when her son wakes up and finishes in her ass. The son questions her mom but the mother nervous gets on top of him and covers his mouth, making sure that her husband doesn’t wake up. After the story the therapist explains to the latina MILF that she needs to talk to her son, the latina asks why she needs to talk with him when the therapist hasn’t. She starts explaining the rest of the story, the father the next day, leaves for a camping trip with his buddies. The son home alone with his mother, keeps quiet as it seems like he wants to forget about what happened. They watch TV again that night but the heater is broken so the MILF takes off her clothes to cool off, and convinces her son to take off his clothes. The MILF was smitten with her son from the night before as she has never cum from anal, they eventually lie together on the couch, there’s no room but the MILF explains that if they removed their clothes there would be. So, she starts undressing and she kisses him, she gets him to fuck her pussy this time, the son asks about his dad but the mother explains that, talking about his is a turn off so he gives into his carnal desires. He started taking charge and asked his mom to turn around so he could see her, she starts riding him cowgirl, gets fucked doggystyle, and eventually gets cum all over her back. After that night something awoke inside of them, the next day they fuck outside in the garden, on the kitchen counter top, and they even tried some cosplay sex before the father came back. When their dad came back from his trip, they started getting careless, the MILF invites her son to fuck her upstairs while the dad is watching TV. She insists that he doesn’t cum inside her as she is ovulating and she gets down to business, she starts sucking his dick, and get ready to fuck but in their excitement they forget to lock the door. Their moans and dirty talk were too loud and the father heard them downstairs, he gets into the room and sees his son creamping his wife and barges out the room, tears flowing out of his eyes. Back in the therapy room the blonde MILF admits that she used her psychologist skills to convince her husband that if they got a divorce people would think less of him, they don’t sleep together now but he thinks that it’s just a phase and they’ll get back together eventually. However ever since then, she’s been getting fucked by her son more than they ever have before, they fuck while they take a bath, in his parent’s bedroom at night, and he even finishes inside her now that she got her tubes tied. She admits that her sex life has gotten boring since the secrecy/taboo of the affair was the key to the pleasure. Chapter 5 of arranged marriage ends with the therapist slyly insisting that they swap sons too see if that enhances their sex lives.