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Bowling MILFToon is a Porn comic about a mother and her young son.

Bowling MILFToon Chapter 1

Bowling MILFToon Chapter 1 shows the family at the beach, the main MILF/Mom is a redhead hiding her sexy body under a cropped dress shirt and a towel. The son is checking out all the babes at the beach, when his dad asks him to help him out with the umbrella, the son rejects him and goes to see his friends, the MILF allows him to leave. The redhead mom takes off her dress shirt and towel revealing a slutty swimsuit underneath, her husband makes a comment about it being too revealing and when she says that it was the only one in her size, the husband makes another comment about her stretching the swimsuit out showing that the back is slipping off. They end up tanning together face up on the beach for some time when the son comes back, she realizes that they overslept and quickly starts packing to get back home, while her back is facing her son, he realizes that her pussy and ass is showing from the stretched out swimsuit, and he gets a boner. The MILF sees her son’s boner and is astonished as she’s the only girl there, before she can interrogate him the father calls for them to get in the car. They arrive home and need to quickly get dressing as it’s Bowling MILFToon night. The son rushes to the shower first as he wants to masturbate, he grabs his magazine and gets to the bathroom when she’s already in there half undressed. It’s private enough where she asks her son if she was the reason he had an erection today, the son admits it was because of her and asks her not to tell his dad. She starts teasing her son some more by grabbing her tits and offering to give him a kiss on his penis to help it go down, the son obviously doesn’t turn down the offer. She gets on her knees and starts undressing him as he sits on the toilet, she starts giving him a professional blowjob while commenting that they probably won’t do it again so he better enjoy it. The son starts grabbing the MILF’s hair while she licks his dick and asks if they can fuck as well, she denies his offer and says she’s not a whore and just wants to taste his dick. However she gives him the next best thing, she starts sandwiching his dick in between her tits and sucking the tip of his penis. This is taking so long so she ends up taking him up on his offer and lays down while showing her pussy to his son, she bends over on the bathtub and faces away from him as she doesn’t think she can look at him the same if they’re facing each other while doing such a taboo act. He complies and rams his penis in her pussy, as he is pounding his mom, he admits that his dad is an idiot for going bowling instead of fucking her, and if she was his he would fuck her all day. The MILF is flattered by this compliment and continues to get pounded by her son, meanwhile, downstairs the dad is hearing the moans of her wife but since he’s going to be late he decides to ignore it and leave for bowling. They are continuing to fuck and a clear tan line of the mom’s swimsuit is clearly shown and the son gets close to cumming, the mom pushing him away not letting him cum inside. The mom instead, gives him a boobjob but he ends up accidently cumming on her hair. Chapter 1 of Bowling ends with the mom furious with her son for finishing on her hair and kicking him out the bathroom.

Bowling MILFToon Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Bowling is under a different name “No More Bowling”. I am not sure why MILFToon did it this way as they haven’t done it for any of their other porn comics, but either way the sequel is great and a summary of it can be found there.