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Carmela is a MILFToon mother incest porn comic about vampires by Breno, and is also a parody comic about Dracula.

Carmela MILFToon Chapter 1

Carmela Chapter 1 by MILFToon’s cover show the MC surrounded by a harem of vampire girls with sexy bodies. The first scene opens with some exposition about the story, with a shot of MILFantia castle, inside lies Carmela the Evil Succubus Vampire having her slumber while her guards and family protect her. Dickula (Dracula) is her offspring and guards her safety as he does not trust the guards, however he also has other plans, ever night he takes a little bit of her life essence. This night he decides that in order to be king, he has to steal all of her essence in one go, so he gets on top of her and starts fondling her boobs and making out with her. In order to steal her essence he needs to perform a ritual where a fluid from her and a fluid from him needs to be exchanged, and the breast milk and saliva haven’t been enough so far so he needs to take it a step further. He’s too scared to fuck his succubus mom outright, so he starts off by undressing her clothes and sticking his dick in between her tits and into her mouth unconsciously, the MILF starts licking the tip of his penis which makes him finish all over her. Carmela wakes up from this and questions her son, thinking the semen is spit. He tries to lie, but she sees right through him and pulls him closer to her burying his head on her boobs, just then there’s a huge crash and her son realizes that they’re under attack. Since it’s daytime, she gets her guards to cover their coffin so it will protect them until night when they’re strongest, the guards comply. Carmela and her son and squished together inside the coffin, her son comes up with a plan to finish up the ritual and takes his dick out and rubs it against her. Carmela, realizing that her boobs are out figures out that her son is trying to complete the ritual, since her clothes are still on he is unable to finish inside her and complete the ritual. With the son’s small stature and quick thinking he’s able shift around the small coffin and slowly undress her, he succeeds in putting it inside her. Since the side fuck position they’re in is uncomfortable, her son gets them in the missionary position but she protests as that is a sacred position for priests and weakens vampire/succubus like her and her son. He continues through her protests and succeeds in cumming inside her, lying down on his mom’s breasts for some rest. Hearing no more loud sounds, the mom concludes out loud that they are no longer under attack, the son accidently ends up admitting that there were no attacks which makes her furious. Chapter 1 of Carmela ends with Carmela being violently angry at her son.

Carmela MILFToon Chapter 2

Carmela Chapter 2 by MILFToon is not out yet. As this porn comic was done by a third party artist ‘Breno’ it might be possible along with the combination of the comic not being out for too long. The cover of Carmela also had multiple girls that were not introduced of Chapter 1 of Carmela, so if they wanted to they could make Carmela into a multiple chapter series, let’s hope for the best!