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Copy dad is about a young boy that likes to copy his dad. Even the things that he probably should not like fucking his own mother. An incest mother son shota MILFToon comic.

Copy Dad Chapter 1 MILFToon

Copy Dad Chapter 1 by MILFToon starts off with the son greeting his dad in the morning and asking his mom for cereal. The main mom/MILF is a hot pink haired anime MILF, she has huge boobs and is wearing business clothes. The MILF asks her husband to show her son where it is, the dad grabs the cereal and smacks his wife’s ass after doing it. After thanking his dad, he copies his dad by going up to his mom and spanking her as well. She tells her husband but he didn’t notice as he’s reading the newspaper, the mom thinks to herself that there’s no harm if he’s just copying his dad.

The next day the MILF is cleaning the dishes when the son announces that he’s done his cereal. The MILF tells him to put the dishes in the sink, and the son slaps her mom’s bare ass this time. The MILF grabs her son’s arm and scolds him, saying that if his dad saw him doing that he would smack him. The son states that it was just a slap but the MILF retorts why he lifted her skirt, he says that his hands were wet and he didn’t want to stain her skirt, the mom concludes that he was being thoughtful and leaves it at that.

The next morning the son wakes up to some weird noises when he sees his dad about to fuck his mom, before he can put it in the son interrupts them. The son asks what they were doing when the MILF just brushes it off and tells him to wear his swimsuit while she cleans up. The MILF thinks to herself that her husband is just horny right now because they’re about to go to the pool where teen sluts hang out, while she’s thinking, her son lifts her nightie and starts groping her from behind. The MILF orders him to let go, but the son retorts that if his dad can do it why can’t he, she says they are not the same.

The son starts playing with his mom’s naked breasts and humping her from behind, rubbing his dick on her panties. The MILF pushes her son off, but as she sees her son begging to let him finish, she agrees as she doesn’t want to be seen as the mean mom. The MILF then bends over showing her full back view as she holds onto the kitchen counter. He starts rubbing his dick in between his mom’s ass cheeks when he asks her to twerk her ass on him. She ends up doing it to make him finish faster, he ends up finishing all over his mom’s back. The mom gets irritated as there’s semen everywhere that she has to clean up, the son thanks his mom for the rub on, confused she blushes and says “don’t mention it, dear”.

The next couple days the mom let her son rub his dick on her whenever the dad didn’t deliver or was too bored, he rubbed his mom’s pussy standing up while she was working out, laying down on the sofa, one time the MILF called for him while she was taking a bath. He rubbed his dick against her pussy at night while watching tv with her, in the morning during breakfast, and she once wore a sexy garter belt while he dry humped her in the kitchen..

One night the MILF is sucking her husband’s dick when he can’t get it up and ends up sleeping. The mom left out to dry gets irritated when her son interrupts her asking for help with his homework while holding down his boner. He asks her “Dad couldn’t get it up huh?”, she says that they shouldn’t talk about thinks like that when the son grabs his mom’s hips from behind pushes her on his bed. He shouts that he’ll fuck her and starts undressing her bra and panties, as he starts licking her neck she admits that it would feel good if he put it inside her but that they can’t do it. Face first in his mom’s tits he exclaims that he loves her and convinces her to put just the tip inside, as he puts it all the way in she moans “That’s … more than the tip!”. The MILF starts getting fucked missionary and when she pushes her son away the deeper he goes in, he ends up creamping her. The son asks if she came, and she says no and says that she has to leave now, the son wanting to make his mom cum is hard again, the MILF is turned on by her son’s eagerness.

They start making out passionately and the son pulls away, the MILF wants more but he states that she can’t finish from kissing and flips her around while fucking her prone bone. They start fucking passionately, the MILF gets pounded from behind and she admits that it feels amazing, and maybe what she wanted all along was to be dominated. As they reach climax together the mom moans that this is the first time she’s had an orgasm in years. Chapter 1 ends with the MILF leaving her son’s room with semen all over her, the son is made that he couldn’t make his mom his women, but that might change in Chapter 2.

Copy Dad Chapter 2 MILFToon

Copy Dad Chapter 2 by MILFToon has not yet been released. Copy Dad is one of the newer porn comics by MILFToon and since Chapter 1 left off in a cliff hanger ending it is possible that a Chapter 2 of Copy Dad by MILFToon will release in the future.