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Dexter’s Flab is a MILF mother incest parody porn comic featuring Dexter with his mother from Dexter’s Laboratory by Chesare for MILFToon.

Chapter 1 – Dexter’s Flab (Dexter’s Laboratory) [MILFToon]

Chapter 1 of Dexter’s Flab starts off with Dexter and his mom in a sexy bikini on their way to the beach. The MILF asks her son to rub sun screen all over her so she can get a nice tan, while doing this they both get horny. Dexter’s Mom unknowingly gives him a butt job, and he ejaculates all over her. Dexter and his mom head back home, the MILF furious while going into her room, sees Deedee her daughter who is secretly fucking her dad. Dexter’s Mom goes into the shower to cool off, Dexter asks to join in and with some dirty talk and touching he succeeds in fucking his mom. Chapter 1 ends with Dexter spanking his mom in the kitchen and DeeDee and her Dad sneaking off to a hotel to fuck.

Chapter 2 – Dexter’s Flab (Dexter’s Laboratory) [MILFToon]

Chapter 2 starts off with Deedee and her dad leaving for the hotel, and Dexter’s Mom feeling nervous that her husband has been distant. Dexter starts a deal with his mom that he’ll help her in exchange for sexual favors. Dexter succeeds in getting a boob job from his Mom but plans for much more. Later that day Dexter’s Dad comes back from his trip, wine is spilt all over Dexter’s Mom in her lingerie. While her mother is in the shower to clean off the wine, Dexter enters the room and jumps his mom, and creampies her. Dexter isn’t done yet with his mom and puts it in her ass, he proceeds to cum in her ass but right after his dad comes into the room. The chapter ends with Dexter hiding and his dad drinking a special drug that Dexter made.