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Excausting is about a Mom, tired work she thinks it’s time for the mother and son to relax. A MILFToon incest mother son porn comic.

Excausting MILFToon Chapter 1

Excausing by MILFToon introduced the main MILF/Mom who seems to be a busty asian mom with busty tits and a tight body, she is wearing a tank top a short jeans. The mother and son are exhausted from working all day and the mom asks her son to finish up while she showers. A few minutes later the son is done cleaning up and goes back inside to check up on his mom, he goes upstairs and sees his mom in the middle of changing, she’s wearing a sexy purple lingerie and brown stockings. The mom playfully throws her shoes at her son for not knocking, before she realizes that she’s in her son’s room since he has a bigger mirror. They sit down on the bed together, and the son admits that his MILF of a mom makes him nervous, she teases him by asking if it’s her ass or tits that makes him feel that way. She stands up to give him a better look, at this point the son has an erection and is embarrassed and tries to kick her out by throwing his shoes at her and covering his erection with a notebook. The MILF bends over to pick up her son’s shoes and at this point the son has had enough of her teasing and takes of his pants saying she was asking for it. He undressing her panties and using her pussy juice as lube slowly inserts his penis in her asshole, he starts pounding her from behind while she hold onto his counter top for dear life. The son spanks his mom while fucking her and tells her it’s her fault for teasing him, he asks if she wants him to stop but it feels too good for her. As he’s about to cum, he pulls out and grabs her hair and finishes all over her face, still hard and in the middle of cumming he gets her to clean him off with her tits. The mother says that they shouldn’t have done that, and that they got caught up in the moment, the son still horny man handles her to the ground and gets ready to attack her pussy. Chapter 1 of Excausting by MILFToon ends with her pushing him off and threatening her son that he raped her if he goes any further.

Excausting MILFToon Chapter 2

Excausting by MILFToon Chapter 2 is not yet released. It is most likely not going to get a chapter 2 as it’s been years since chapter 1 was released but it’s not impossible.