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Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones is about Hera needing semen to get her cloning gun to work. With only one person on the planet, she has no choice but to use her son. A MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones Chapter 1

Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones’ cover shows the main MILF/mom. She is a sexy redhead MILF with green eyes, she’s wearing a tattered full bodysuit. The chapter starts off with the MILF, her son and her husband crash landing their space ship. The dad presses the escape capsule button betraying his family, he says that he married the MILF because she’s ‘fine as fuck’ but that he’ll just find another and ends up leaving his family to crash. As they’re crashing the mom hugs her son, smother his face with her boobs. They land on a unknown planet and they safely exit their space ship, the MILF vowing that if he ever sees her (ex) husband again, he’ll kill him.

The son ends up admitting that he used the water from her hydromassager to extinguish the flames and transferred all the energy from the space ship to it’s shields to save them from the full impact. The MILF ignores her son’s accomplishments and states that someone needs to clean up the space ship, hinting that her son should do it.

A few months later the mother and son are still stuck on the planet, they both look weathered and the MILF is wearing just 2 pieces of her old space bodysuit. The son seems to have adapted a lot quicker to the situation, he seems to have caught fish and made a fire on his own. On the other hand, the the MILF is complaining about needing servants and baths. The son orders his mom to go to the wreckage to see if the radio has received any signal, giving her the keycard for the ship.

The MILF still complaining about not have any servants bergrungingly arrives at the wreckage and enters the ship, she finds a cloning gun and figures out that if she can clone her son she can have all the servants she wants, one problem the semen-level is empty which is obviously needed for a futuristic sci-fi clone gun. The MILF looks down at her huge beautiful boobs and knows just the plan that will work.

A few moments later she arrives back at the fire starts seducing her seduce, groping her own breast and saying that she’s been a bad girl. She grabs his knife and apologizes for being mean to her only son as he’s been trying to save them, she takes the knife and cuts open her last piece of her top, revealing her breasts. The son gets suspicious of his mom as well normally she’s quite a ‘bitch’, the MILF agrees and says bitches usually get fucked from behind, hard!

The MILF notices that her son is getting an erection and grabs his penis, and asks, knowing the answer, if he’s never thought of fucking his mom. The son still nervous says that his dad wouldn’t approve of her doing this, she retorts that he can just slide it between her thighs. The son starts thigh fucking his mom, the MILF begs for just a little bit of his semen. Suddenly he goes limp and says the reason for it, is because doing all this but not fucking is scaring him.

Angrily the MILF turns around and commands her son to fuck her as fast as he can but to not cum inside her, “what mommy hera wants, mommy hera gets”. He grabs her hips and starts pounding her doggystyle, after a bit he lifts her leg and fucks her some more. He asks if he can try her ass as well, but the MILF rejects that and says even his dad couldn’t do that without something in return. He ends up ends up finishing inside her against the MILF’s warnings, but the amount of semen should be enough, so she excuses herself to the wreckage, the son finds that weird.

Shortly after, the MILF is back in the wreckage and uses the semen still in her pussy to fill the cloning gun, however the machine reads ‘Insufficient Semen’, the MILF grumbles that she’ll have to do that again. Chapter 1 of Hera MILFToon And The Space Clones ends with a shot of the sexy MILF leaving the wreckage unable to read the simple note ‘Jake, the cloning gun is broken. Don’t forget to take it to repair.”

Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones Chapter 2

Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones Chapter 2 has not yet been realized, and it is the greatest fault of the MILFtoon Comics studio. This MILFToon porn comic is one of the best porn comics that have been released by MILFToon, the art is one of the best they have, the storyline is great, the premise is unique to MILFToon and the bitchy MILF is a huge turn on. It’s a new MILFToon comic, so there is a high likelihood of there being another chapter, especially the ‘End of Part 1’ being on the last page. However even if there is never a sequel to Hera MILFToon and the Space Clones, I can imagine this sexy yet bitchy redhead MILF fucking her son for the rest of time as she tries to get her Cloning Gun to work.