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Housewife 101 is about a son that finds his mother cheating with some neighbor. In order to keep her son quiet the mother is willing to do anything. A MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

Housewife 101 Chapter 1

Housewife 101 Chapter 1 introduces us to the main MILF/mom, she is a busty short haired beauty wearing a lacy bra. The son is home from school and wants to go out with his Mom, but being a ‘good’ parent she says, no, she leaves the room when she gets a couple of text messages. We see the MILF putting on lipstick using the car mirror and going out wit her car, but she doesn’t go far, the son trying to get a view of their hot neighbor accidently follows his Mom going to one of their neighbors’ house. We see the MILF feel up the old black man’s penis, and suck his cock eventually she starts riding him, but in the middle the MILF notices that her son is watching. She rushes back to her house in an oversized shirt, to try and convince her son not to tell her husband about her adultery. The son agrees to not snitch as long as he gets some help with his boner, the son wants her credit card to buy some porn but the MILF gets the wrong idea and starts giving her son a hand job. The MILF takes off her oversized shirt to reveal her huge tits in a bikini, the son immediately finishes all over her, but he isn’t done yet. After some convinces the MILF agrees to only rub her pussy on his dick, but he puts it in anyway. The MILF and son start doing it cowgirl, doggystyle anal against a table, and he finishes in her mouth. The says that he won’t tell his dad for today, but says he’ll stay home from school tomorrow as well, let the MILF fucking begin.

Housewife 101 Chapter 2

Housewife 101 Chapter 2 currently isn’t released. Housewife 101 is one of the most popular MILFToon comics of all time and for good reason. It has one of the best artworks of their company, mainly because Melkor Mancin was the lead artist in this porn comic. The story is short and sweet and the main MILF, although a cheater, has an amazing body and alluring personality. If the MILFToon gods are reading this, please make a Chapter 2 for Housewife 101, our dicks will thank you!