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Iron Giantits is a parody porn comic MILF mother incest with shota abou the Iron Giant by Inusen for MILFToon.

Iron Giantits (The Iron Giant) Chapter 1 MILFToon

Iron Giantits MILFToon Chapter 1 starts with the mom from Iron Giant (Annie Hughes) coming home from work, taking her clothes off. She is a brunette MILF with giant tits (hence the porn comic name) and she’s wearing her work clothes, which is a pink top with an apron and a white bra. As she starts taking a relaxing shower, her son is spying on her with the keyhole and jerking off to her busty body. He cums fast all over the door but ends up tripping over the car before leaving getting the MILF to hear it. She gets outside the bathroom in a towel and notices the semen all over the door, she comments that he ‘did it again’ insinuating she knows that her son is jerking off to her.

A while later she’s dressed in a robe with only a bra underneath, a garter belt, stockings and heels. She tells herself that she can’t keep ignoring what’s happening and calls her son downstairs to watch a movie. Her son joins her on the couch and his mom asks him if he wants to confess anything to her. He doesn’t end up opening up so she doesn’t push any further and they start watching the movie.

A bit later she’s sleeping on his lap and he’s sneakily taking his pants off showing his boner. He stealthily gets his mom to start sucking his dick, she wakes up and starts sucking his dick herself. She takes off her clothes and says “I need this dick inside of me”, her son starts talking and this wakes her up fully. Her son pushes her to the floor and she tells him to stop, she claims that she thought she was having a dream, he begs to just rub his dick on her pussy but she says that’ll get her horny. Her son retorts that she’s already horny as her nipples are erect the MILF finally gives in and lets her son do a ‘quick rub’. He starts playing with her boobs and rubbing her pussy.

As he continues to grind on her, she starts getting horny and asks her son to put it inside her a little bit but it’s too late as her son ejaculates all over her. The MILF tells her son to get off her as she has to clean everything up, but the son asks if she can suck him off a bit so they can have sex, the MILF angry now that she didn’t get to finish, pushes him off and tells her son that they’ll talk about this tomorrow.

The next morning the MILF is getting dressed for work when her son pulls on her top revealing her boobs. Chapter 1 of Iron Giantits ends with the MILF slapping her son and telling him to get out and wait for her in the kitchen.


Iron Giantits (The Iron Giant) Chapter 2 MILFToon

Iron Giantits MILFToon Chapter 2 starts a couple of days later, the Annie Hughes arrives home and thinks to herself that she’s starting her plan. She gets in the shower, knowing her son is watching, and starts moaning and masturbating. She looks at her son jerking off to him but looks the other way pretending not to see, she is incredibly turned on at the taboo nature of a son fucking his mom. She sees that her son finished and is disappointed as she wanted to finish first. She wears a tight pink top and white bloomers, the son notices that his mom got out as soon as he finished and realizes that she wants him to watch.

The MILF thinks to herself, while wearing a blow night glown, that she loves teasing Hogarth (her son) and if he wasn’t her son she would have fucked his brains out by now. As she leaves the bathroom, her son is outside with his pants down staring seductively at her. The MILF tries scolding her son, but the son realizes the guise she puts on, he lets her know that he knows that she was giving him a show. He let’s her know that because she gave him a show, it’s only fair that he helps her finish and he gets on his knees and starts eating out her pussy.

He pushes his mom on the toilet and starts rubbing his dick against her pussy, the MILF claims that since her son has already ejaculated he’ll take forever, her son reassures her that if he plays with her giant tits he’ll cum fast for sure. He puts the tip in her pussy and as she moans he puts it all the way in, and starts pounding her right away. The MILF pushes him off and lets him know that he has to start off slow to get her wet first, the son admits he’s a virgin and follows his mom’s instructions. The son starts fucking his mom slowly but ends up cumming fast again, he asks to do it one more time but the MILF pushes him off. She claims she didn’t get satisfaction twice so why would she want to do it again? She gets up, but the son still horny starts rubbing his dick against her pussy while they’re standing, the MILF slaps her son and says that it was a mistake and that they should both go to bed.

Later that night, Annie Hughes is sleeping, when her son enters the room. The son tells himself that he’ll finally make sure that his mom feels pleasure and takes off her panties and puts it inside her ass. The mom wakes up and tells him to leave but this is the first time she’s tried anal and she loves it, letting her son continue. The son ends up prematurely ejaculating again, the MILF is frustrated and tries pushes her son off, but he is determined to make her cum. He gets hard again a couple seconds later, the MILF at a lost for words, the son taking charge pushes the MILF down, face first and penetrating her pussy, vowing that he’ll make her finish. The son pounds her like no tomorrow and they end up cumming together, the son creamping his mother. Chapter 2 of Iron Giantits ends with the MILF saying that tomorrow she’ll buy pills and condoms from the store insinuating that they’ll do it again and it’ll be their little secret!

Iron Giantits (The Iron Giant) Chapter 3 MILFToon

Iron Giantits Chapter 3 has not yet been released. Although there was a ‘happy ending’ with the mom from The Iron Giant and her son having sex whenever they want, it wasn’t the classic disney ending. Hopefully there is more content with Annie Hughes as she is one hot cartoon MILF, even if it isn’t a sequel to Iron Giantits.

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