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MILFPokemon Pre-Go is a MILFToon comic based on Pokemon! Featuring a pervert trainer with his various MILF pokemon. Also includes mother son incest.

MilfPokemon Pre-Go MILFToon Chapter 1

MILFPokemon Pre-Go shows the main MC who looks like a nerdy ash ketchum fucking a female pikachu or ‘Milfatchu’. Ash says that milfatchu isn’t able to make him cum like before, so she starts sucking his dick, but he rejects her and leaves to the MILFToon shop with his mom to buy another MILFokemon. In the shop ash buys Lopunny or Milfpunny, his mom drops him back home and ash has fun with his new MILFokemon lopunny. Lopunny is wearing a skimpy red dress and is immediately fucked by ash, in order to raise a MILFokemon’s level you’re supposed to cum inside them, but ash accidently cums inside. Frustrated he leaves the room but ends up slipping on the pokeball, hearing the noise the mom enters the room and sees ash, milfatchu and lopunny naked, she realizes that this entire time he has been fucking his pokemon. While cleaning the room, milfatchu puts lopunny back in her pokeball, the mom worried that her son will be mad at her decides to cosplay as lopunny to keep him from finding out until she can buy another one. A while later the MILF is fully cosplayed as lopunny and enters ash’s room, ash makes the new lopunny get on the bed, the MILF surprised because she thought she would just have to do a couple pushups in front of him, reluctantly agrees. She gets into a doggystyle position and ash starts undressing her, and fucking her from behind, after finishing he turns her around and starts fucking her missionary. After finishing ash goes to sleep but the MILF continues to sleep on the bed to make sure he doesn’t wake up, at night MILFatchu kicks her out the room and goes to the pokemon store to buy another one. However the store owner states the lopunny was a mythical pokemon and they don’t have any more of her in stock.

MilfPokemon Pre-Go MILFToon Chapter 2

MILFPokemon Pre-Go starts off with the main MILF/Mom coming back from the pokemon store, stressed that she wasn’t able to get another lopunny. When entering her house, ash greets her and asks for his new glasses, since he can’t train without them when milfatchu brings him his glasses, the MILF makes it drop on the floor and steps on them. Since Ash can’t train anymore the MILF forces him into his room for the weekend. Later that night the MILF and dad are going at it, she’s giving her husband a boob job, after he finishes they’re interrupted by Ash looking for his lopunny. The MILF worried that he’ll blame her for losing lopunny goes into the bathroom and cosplays as lopunny again, and goes into Ash’s room. The MILF mad at milfatchu for kicking her out last time, kicks her out this time, Ash beckons his mom to his lap and starts spanking her for not listening. Ash states that her ass is the key for raising her defense stat and starts fucking her ass from behind, the MILF starts screaming her name from the anal sex. Ash flips his mom into missionary position and starts fucking her anally again, he cums inside her ass and finishes the rest off in her mouth, ash forces lopunny to clean the semen off his dick. Later that night the MILF leaves the room and gets back into her own clothes, when going back into her room she catches her husband cheating on her with milfatchu, the MILF kicks both milfatchu and her husband out of the house and the series ends with ash noticing that his new lopunny and his mom look eerily similar.