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Mom Knows Best is a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic. Part 1 is drawn by Romulo Melkor Mancin and Part 2 by Azrael. A boy breaks his hands and now his mother has to take care of his every need!

Chapter 1 – Mom Knows Best (MILFTOON)

Chapter 1 of Mom Knows best introduces us to the main MILF/Mom. She has short hair, glasses and huge tits. The MILF brings breakfast in bed to her son because he broke his hands and is bedridden, trying to make him feel better the hot MILF asks to help him feel better so she removes the bed cover to see what is wrong, she is met with a raging hard on that her son has. He explains that because he broke his arms he’s unable to release the tension and the MILF feeling sorry for him wants to do everything she can to help him out, so she starts giving her son a hand job. While he’s close to finishing, the son requests to finish on her tits, before she can reply he cums all over them, chapter 1 ends with a close up of the mom’s hard nipples, clearly she enjoyed this a lot more than she would like to admit.

Chapter 2 – Mom Knows Best (MILFTOON)

Chapter 2 of Mom Knows Best shows the MILF in the shower thinking about what happened with her son, she ends up fantasizing about what happened, but feeling ashamed that she was getting horny. After the father leaves, the son feels more confident and takes off his mom’s skimpy underwear, the MILF is quietly protesting but as he starts groping her ass and takes out his dick, she begins to rethink her decision. The MILF gets her tits played with and when asked one more time she gives in and starts sucking her sons dick. Throughout the day whenever the son gets hard the MILF is sure to help him out by sucking him off to completion. Later that night he starts pushing his luck by rubbing his dick against her pussy and fingering her this is the one line the MILF won’t cross and kicks her son out.