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Moms Sweet Dreams is a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic about an unsatisfied mother and her son that lusts after her. One day while his mother is sleeping seeing her sexy body, he cannot control himself.

Moms Sweet Dreams MILFToon Chapter 1

Moms Sweet Dreams by MILFToon Chapter 1 starts with the parents leaving their son home alone while they go to an important business dinner. The MILF/mom is in a stunning black dress with her lacy pink bra peaking out, her husband comments how her dress looks slutty and the MILF retorts that she has to look good so he looks good so he can get that deal he’s whining about. As soon as they leave the house, the son double checks to make sure the car isn’t in the drive way and dashes to his parent’s room. He goes inside his Mom’s panty drawer. He starts fantasizing about his hot mom as he jerks off to her scent. A while later at 10pm we see the son looking at pictures he took of his mom during the summer when the door bell ring, it’s his Mom on the floor drunk and the dad scolding her for ruining the dinner, the father leaves and doesn’t help out her wife. The son takes his mom by himself to the couch and she says that she got him his contract so he shouldn’t worry, the son leaves to get her some water and when he comes back, his mother is passed out. He notices her cleavage and tells himself that she won’t be able to sleep in that dress and opens it up for her, revealing her hard nipples in her lacy pink bra. The MILF thinks that the person undressing her is her husband and tells him to ‘go ahead but … I am tired’, he unbuckles her bra strap and sees the MILF’s nipples for the first time.

The son starts playing with her Mom’s tits and starts getting hard, he takes her hand and gets her to give him a handjob in her sleep, she wakes up from this and starts sucking his erect dick, the son tells her it’s him, but she thinks it’s a dream and continues sucking his dick like no tomorrow. She starts moaning when he finishes in her mouth and the son tells her to keep it down as she might wake up his dad, he goes to check if his dad woke up from the noise. A bit later the MILF sobers up and notices that she isn’t dreaming and she’s in her son’s room, she gets ashamed about how she acted and when her son comes back he consoles her by saying he’s dreamt of her many times and he starts making out with her to proves his love.

The MILF starts tearing up and says that what they are doing is taboo and they should stop, but the son controlled by lust starts groping her tits and he gets on top of her. He obviously is getting her horny with the taboo dirty talk and his outwardly lust for his mother but she still replies with “I will suck you dick Max if that will make you happpy … but don’t fuck me Max! Don’t fuck your mother! We must listen to reason! Not our bodies!” Ignoring her words he starts rubbing her clit outside her panties, the mom begs the lord to give her the strength to get him to stop. He pulls aside her panties and starts fingering her, playing with her pussy and eating her out, the mom moans and cums and she admits that no one has ever made her orgasm like that.

The son says it’s his turn now, so he starts taking off his pants, the mom begs to just give him a blow job, he rejects that offer and inserts his dick inside his mom’s pussy. As he puts it in she says “Ok! I admit it! I thought about fucking you too but … thinking about it is different from doing it Max!” He starts pounding her and burying his face in between her tits while doing it and she starts moaning, they start reaching their individual climaxes together and the son screams that he’s cumming and the mom moans me too! The MILF thinks to herself that it was the best sex she’s had. While her son’s semen and penis still inside her, the son starts thrusting again and he states that he’s going to go again. Chapter 1 of Moms Sweet Dreams ends with the son telling his mother that they’re going to fuck again and the mom not saying no.

Moms Sweet Dreams MILFToon Chapter 2

Moms Sweet Dreams by MILFToon Chapter 2 is not yet released. It is one of the newer MILFToon porn comics that were released so it is much more likely that MILFToon releases chapter 2 of Moms Sweet Dreams than not. I’d imagine that Mom Sweet Dreams Chapter 2 would start a couple weeks after the ending of chapter 1, where the son and mother are secretly fucking behind his father’s back. They would probably introduce different locations like the kitchen, a pool, etc. Moms Sweet Dreams Chapter 2 would probably also have more sexy outfits like the MILF in an apron and the MILF in a slutty swimsuit as she definitely has the hourglass body to pull them off.