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MTCN is a porn comic where the son finds his mother giving his father a blowjob and starts lusting after her. A MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

MTCN MILFToon Chapter 1

MTCN MILFToon Chapter 1 shows off the main Mom/MILF, she’s a busty black haired MILF wearing an apron, garter belt and stockings. Chapter 1 starts off with the son entering the kitchen and wishing his parent’s good morning, the father urges his son to leave for school so he lets himself off for school. While walking to school, the son questions if he turned off his PC or not, if his mom walks in she’ll end up seeing his porn, he decides that he’ll go from the back of the house because if he enters back in through the front they’ll know something is wrong.

When he enters the house, he peeks into the kitchen window and sees his mom with her boobs outside her apron sucking his dad’s dick. While the dad is about to cum she tells him not on her face, but she ends up seeing her son spying on them from the window, to get her husband not to catch him she lets him cum on her face. Furious now she catches her son hiding under the window and scolds him, she lets him off to do whatever he came to do and leaves to her room to change and take a shower. While in the bathroom she admits to herself that being watched made her horny, but dismisses that thought as he’s her son.

In the son’s bedroom he’s sniffing his mom’s panties and jerking off while thinking of her, he hears his dad screaming and realizes he’s not alone and goes to hide in the bathroom. His mom is naked and mad at her son, and when the dad questions what all the noise is about she covers for him. She notices her panties in her son’s hand and grabs it away from him, he admits that he couldn’t help it as she is too hot, the MILF tells her son that he’s just fantasizing, they’re really saggy and wrinkly she uncovers her breasts to show him, but he just says that they are a great pair of tits and asks to touch them, she reluctantly agrees to let him just finish while looking at them.

He gets on the toilet and starts jerking off and asks his mom to come closer, as she gets closer he starts sucking her nipples, while he’s doing this he asks to see her ass and she agrees as the nipple play is getting her horny. She bends over showing her supple ass and the son starts worshipping it asking to just rub it on her butt cheeks, she agrees. When he puts it in, at first she thinks it’s his fingers but she slowly realizes that it’s not the case. He asks her if she wants him to stop but it feels to good for her and she lets him continue, she starts moaning as she gets pounded from behind. He ends up finishing over her face. Chapter 1 of MTCN ends with the husband coming upstairs and seeing semen on her wife’s face, she lets her know that it’s his and the adultery crisis is averted.

MTCN MILFToon Chapter 2

MTCN MILFToon Chapter 2 has not yet been released. MTCN is one of MILFToon’s oldest porn comics so it is highly unlikely that there will ever be a sequel. They might for some sort of anniversary decide to do it but it most likely won’t be happening as there are better stories and series that MILFToon should make a sequel on.