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Nutcase by MILFToon is about Luke’s mom thinking that she’s a bunny and all she wants to do is breed all the time! Luke being the good son that he is will be ready to help. A MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

NutCase MILFToon Chapter 1

Nutcase by MILFToon Chapter 1 starts with the MC who looks a lot like Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh), is outside a ‘rabbit’s’ home which turns out to be his Mom’s. She escaped from the mental hospital for thinking that she is a rabbit, and her son has been visiting her ever since, he lets out that since she’s ovulating today it’s going to be a lot harder than normal. On the other side of the hole the MILF is standing there waiting for him. The MILF is a busty redhead wearing a white dress and bunny ears. The MILF sits her son down for some carrot soup. The son coming up with a plan to not mate wish his mother takes the bowl and spills it over his pants, he undresses and shoves his dick in her face and blames her insisting that he eat the carrot soup. The MILF feeling guilty agrees to suck his dick, she crawls over to his dick and sucks sucking the tip, she tells him that this is unnatural and they should be having sex instead of have him waste his seed. The son dismisses her and tells her to start giving him a boobjob, the MILF complies but begs him to at least try and fuck. He rejects it again, and she makes a final bargain, they either have sex now or she is never going to suck his dick again.

He reluctantly agrees and gets his mom to get on the table, but he tricks her, instead of fucking her vagina he starts putting it in her asshole. The MILF says it’s painful and tells him to take it out, he’s sick of his mom telling him what to do and grops her ass, when she asks him to slow down he starts spanking her big ass. The son announcing that he’s about to cum and his mom begs him to put it in her pussy, but it’s too late, her ass is too tight and he creampies it. He rests on her back and the MILF makes him promise that the next time he’ll fuck her like bunnies. Just then, his aunties enter her house dressed up like Tigger and Piglet, the aunts scold their nephew and tells her that she needs help and that he should stop enabling her, they admit to dressing up like animals because they thought if they did she would listen. The mom ends up revealing the secret that her son helped her escape the clinic. Chapter 1 of Nutcase by MILFToon ends with the aunt in the Tigger cosplay dragging her nephew out the hole.

NutCase MILFToon Chapter 2

Nutcase MILFToon Chapter 2 is currently not released. Chapter 2 of this porn comic should get a release because they introduced to new characters (MILF Piglet and MILF Tigger) but there were no sex scenes with either of them. Hopefully there’s a happy ending for the bunny MILF and the rest of the family.

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