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Private Casino is about a son that blackmails his mother. A MILFToon mother son incest porn comic with a BBW.

Private Casino MILFToon Chapter 1

Private Casino Chapter 1 by MILFToon shows off the main MILF/Mom. She is a thicc BBW MILF with pink hair, she’s wearing black lingerie. This MILF has a gambling problem and ends up losing her money to an online stranger, but he says that if she shows him some skin that he’ll return all the money. The MILF complies, getting up and showing her ass and boobs, the stranger stops replying when her son walks into the room seeing her mom naked he runs out claiming he’s going to tell his dad. She runs after him, sometime later in his room she admits to him that she was showing her body because she lost their savings in that poker match. The son admits that he made a lot of money and that he could help her out if she works for him. The MILF confused asks what working for him entails, he says that she should just cheat with him instead, she asks if her son is serious and he replies with a kiss.

He starts french kissing his mom and groping her boobs, once they stop the MILF thinks to herself that she’s glad it’s over. But he isn’t done with her yet, his hand goes down to her vagina when she slaps her son in the face. The son walks away and lets her know that she was willing to do it for a stranger online, and once his dad finds out about what she did she’ll be out in the streets. The MILF rethinks for himself with the words of her son in her mind, she comes to the conclusion that her son won’t last that long and that it’ll be a lot easier than winning a game of Texas Hold’em. The MILF walks upstairs and knocks on her son’s door, when the son opens the door he says he won’t give her money, but she replies that she’ll agree to his terms. He tells her to get on top of the bed and he gets on top of her passionately making out with her.

The son starts taking off her panties and then takes off his own pants, the MILF asks for him to just masturbate while looking at her. He replies that he’ll get what he paid for and puts it in her mom’s pussy. He holds her down while fucking her missionary, she asks if he’s wearing a condom and he replies with why he would waste this experience with one and continues railing her. As the son is finishes inside her, he starts admitting to his mom that he was the one who won the money from her during poker to prove that her mom was just a whore that would even fuck her own son for money. Not yet finished, he gets hard again and starts pounding her, surprised that his mom isn’t stopping him after finding out the truth, he grabs her legs and starts fucking her harder. The MILF seems to be in immense pleasure as well, he admits that he created a private Casion where he could cheat the odds and invited her onto it, the mom is trying not to show the pleasure in her face. As the dirty talk continues, the son announces that he’s about to cum and as the MILF’s moans get loader he finishes inside of her and she admits that she came as well. They did it a third time but this time both of them didn’t say a word. The MILF is passed out on his bed when the son gets a phone call, it’s his dad and he goes to pick him up from the airport. Chapter 1 of Private Casino by MILFToon ends with the son leaving the room telling his whore mother to clean everything up.