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Redneck Age is a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

Redneck Age Chapter 1 MILFToon

Redneck Age Chapter 1 by MILFToon cover showcases the main MILF. She’s a busty redheaded MILF with a blue bandana and apron, she’s shown pushed against the wall showcasing her phat ass. Chapter 1 starts with the MILF making sandwiches and her husband and dad yelling at her to go faster. The MILF hands them their food, and asks them to take Billy Junior (her son) with them as he’s too much of a hassle with the baby as well. They reject her request and leave and with that her son enters the room when the MILF is breastfeeding the baby out in the open showing off her bright red nipples. Billy Junior sits down at the table and asks for a sandwich when the mom says she’ll make one for him after feeding the baby. The son is disgruntled that everyone in the family gets to eat except him, he’s had enough and outwardly complains to his mom.

The MILF rejects his notion of him being treated less than anyone else, and he asks her to prove it by letting him suck on her titties like the baby gets to. The MILF denies his request with her tits leaking milk and goes to the kitchen counter to start making his sandwich. Her son grabs her from behind and starts fondling her boobs, he asks why his dad and the baby can suck on them and he can’t. The MILF says he has 5 seconds before she gets angry but her son ignores her and starts dry humping her while fondling her tits, he starts going faster and ends up cumming while dry humping his mother. The MILF pushes him off when his dick is shown to have popped out by itself, having some left over semen get on her apron. Just then the door is knocked by her older son and the mom orders her son to hide in the bathroom with her.

The MILF starts undressing and putting the stained clothes into the washer, she’s in just her white lacey underwear and bra, her older son starts searching the house for her but Billy Junior is too horny at the sight of his mom in just her underwear and asks if he can rub her. He starts pulling down her panties but she pulls them back up giving herself a butt wedgie, so he goes for the next best thing and unclips her bra straps. He pushes her down and starts rubbing his dick in between her thighs and playing with her tits and motorboating them. She gets up to get the clothes out the washer while her son is still wrapped around her, he starts playing with her nipples when she squirts out some milk. She asks him to stop, and her son asks if it’s because it’s making her horny, blushing she admits he does but she shouldn’t feel that way with him. The son says that he can be her husband when his dad is not around and goes in her vagina for sex. The mom furious with her son kicks him, and when he doesn’t stop he gets slapped multiple times. Chapter 1 of Redneck Age stops with the MILF on the floor showing off her thicc body in stockings with the son vowing that he’s not a motherfucker yet but he will be.

Redneck Age Chapter 2 MILFToon

Redneck Age Chapter 2 by MILFToon has not yet been released. This MILFToon porn comic has amazing art and a pretty hot storyline. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the viewed porn comic on MILFToon, although there isn’t Chapter 2 I think redneck age is one of the most likely porn comics to get a chapter 2 of.