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Stored Energy is about a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic based on The Incredibles featuring Dash and Helen Parr. Dash is not allowed to use his powers. In order to release all his stored energy, he will have to take help from his MILF mother.

Stored Energy Chapter 1

Stored Energy chapter 1 begins with the incredibles family saying goodbye to their guests after Dash’s birthday party. Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl/Helen Parr) is wearing a short crop top showing off her midriff and some tight jeans, stored energy by MILFToon is a great porn comic that shows off the beauty of Helen Parr when she’s not in her costume. Mr Incredible is drunk from the party and has passed out on the couch. The MILF tells Dash that he’s not allowed to reveal his super speed as that would reveal the incredibles family’s secret identities. Elastigirl bends over in front of Dash and he can’t resist groping her thicc ass, they try and lift up Mr Incredible to help him get to their bedroom but he’s too heavy for them and dash falls on top of Elastigirl. Dash starts groping his Mom’s tits and gets a boner, Helen Parr grabs her sons’ dick by accident and notices his boner. Dash begs Helen Parr to help him out, since his powers prevents him from jerking off without huring himself. After some talking Elastigirl still says no but as a last resort dash takes out his dick, Helen Parr tries pushing him away but grabs his dick and ends up jerking him off, he ends up finishing on her jeans. Helen Parr gets undressed to clean off the jizz on her clothes and gets ready for bed, thinking how she would be one of the only people to satisfy Dash without Dash hurting the person as since she’s made of rubber, she’s resistant to the heat that the friction of his dick would create. As Elastigirl is sleeping, she’s waken up to Dash shoving his dick in her face, he’s gotten blue balls again and his mom is the cure. Dash asks for a blowjob but she refuses so she agrees to let Dash rub his penis on her since she’s heat resistant. Dash secretly puts it inside Helen Parr and starts grabbing her tits while fucking her. Dash thinks that if he cums inside his Mom that she’ll be all his, so he does just that. Helen Parr kicks out dash from her room but she’s clearly blushing, Chapter 1 of MILFToon incredibles porn comic ends there.