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Tell is a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

Tell Chapter 1 MILFToon

Tell Chapter 1 by MILFToon starts off with the mother and son returning from the beach. The main MILF/mom is a tanned, fit blonde MILF wearing a skimpy white bikini. Before they get inside the MILF tells her son to tell his father about the money he found on the beach. They get inside and the mom tells her son to get ready for a shower while she cooks dinner, he’s getting a towel from outside his backpack while imagining all the hot girls he saw at the beach. When he enters the bathroom with a boner, he sees his mom undressing with her tits out, she covers up and tells him to leave, she looks back and notices that he has a boner. In the evening in the living room table she’s wearing a sexy green top and purple yoga pants, and asks her son to tell them what happened. He admits to his older brother and dad that he had an erection when he saw his mom in the shower earlier. They both start laughing, and the mom was talking about the money he found not about him seeing her in the shower. The older brother asks what’s wrong with him as she’s 100 times older than him and the father says that he gets the exact opposite reaction whenever he sees her ‘saggy titties’. The son excuses himself to his room.

Later that night the husband is drunk on the couch teases his wife about showing him her tits, he ends up passing out a bit later and the wife concludes she’s going to be sleeping alone tonight again. She goes to check up on her son before bed, and her son is trying to get rid of his boner from before. The MILF sits down next to him and apologizes and asks if there’s anything she can do to help. The son thought she would never ask and gets his boner from underneath the covers and stands up over her shoving his boner in her face. She thought he could just buy him a video game, but he rejects that offer and just asks her to rub it. He puts his dick in between her tits with her top still on and pushes her down. While mounting her he starts titty fucking her and ends up finished on her face and boobs. The MILF gets up, but the son still horny asks to see her pussy, the MILF pushes him off and scolds him for ruining her top. The son starts sucking on her nipples and asks if they’re doing it again tomorrow.

The MILF says they’re never doing it again, when the son shows that he still has an erection, he grabs some tissues and cleans the rest of the semen off her face and tits. Getting some nice points, he asks again if he can just rub his dick on her yoga pants and she agrees as it’s less weird than the boob job she gave him earlier. He gets her on his bed and grabs her legs in position for a missionary fuck, he starts rubbing his dick against her clit and while he does this the MILF admits it’s been ages since her and her husband have done anything. The MILF pushes her son away and admits that her son is making her horny, seeing this as a chance he grabs her pussy from behind and starts fingering her, the MILF moans loudly. The son grabs a condom from underneath his bed and the MILF sees it and throws her yoga pants on the ground. The MILF tells herself that with a condom it won’t count as sex, the son letting her think that sits back while the MILF rides him. They start fucking and the son gives his mom a hickey while she rides him, she’s close but the son finishes before him.

When they’re done the MILF says to keep what they did between them and that the next time he’s with a women to let her finish first, the son asks if they’re going to do it again but the MILF replies that it was a one time thing. The son pulls his mom’s legs up putting the MILF on her back and gets ready for round 2, he sticks it in but he pushes him off as he’s not wearing a condom. She turns around and waits for his dick with a condom around but when the son bares witness to her naked pussy, he throws the condom away and starts fucking her. They’re in the middle of their passionate love making session when they hear a noise, it’s his brother coming back home, she turns back around and she finds out he’s not wearing a condom, it’s too late as he’s already creampied inside her. The son is infatuated with his mom’s body but the MILF pushes him away and leaves to hide in the closet before his brother comes in. Chapter 1 of Tell ends with the MILF hiding in the closet while the big brother comes in the room and berates his little brother for having issues and all the semen on the floor.