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The Asschucks is a MILFToon mother-son and father-daughter incest porn comic.

The Asschucks Chapter 1 (MILFTOON)

The Asschucks Chapter 1 by MILFToon introduces us to the Main MILF who is a redhead with long hair in a braid and she’s wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit to please her husband. While her husband is fucking her he almost calls her Judy, which is their daughter’s name, the husband finishes on his Wife’s breasts, after they finish the MILF asks her husband to take Judy to her school trip and he quickly agrees which is unusual because her normally doesn’t like these things. The next scene we see Judy naked blowdrying her hair in the bathroom and there’s a spy camera in their with her brother spying on her. The father comes into the bathroom and checks out her daughter, he states that she should shave her pussy hair and she does just that, meanwhile her brother finishes while watching doing just that. The next day the daughter and the father are leaving for their trip and the mother and son are home alone. The son asks his mom where his sister’s underwear is since he needs them to jack off, but the MILF says that Judy took them all to her school trip. The son starts undressing his mom’s underwear so he can use them instead but the mom pushes him away. Later that day the MILF is finished with her shower and she’s in a towel, she sees her son naked on the couch just finished jacking off. The MILF asks him to move over and she proposed a deal where they could help each other out, since she’s horny as well. The Mom asks him to give her a massage so she lies naked on the couch with her back to him, he starts massaging her and he starts dry humping her unconsciously she pushes her ass towards him. He starts eating out his mom’s pussy since the MILF didn’t stop him yet he starts fucking her from behind, she doesn’t notice that he’s fucking him she still thinks he’s just eating her out (ouch). When he finished on the MILF’s back finally she figures out what he was doing, and although mad at first she’s curious on what else he can do with it.

The Asschucks Chapter 2 (MILFTOON)

The Asschucks Chapter 2 by MILFToon shows us the story of the trip between the dad and daughter. They arrive at the camp ground and are introduced to Judy’s friend and her mom. The mom starts flirting with the dad, but he’s clearly not interested, the girls start playing in the lake and eating bbq, after finishing up camp fire songs they go to sleep for the night. Later at night, the father is woken up by the mom sucking him off, she starts riding him but he pushes her off and goes off to the girls’ tent. The dad starts undressing her daughter and she wakes up, excited that her dad is going to fuck her she lays back and gets ready for her dad’s dick. She tries to wake her friend up but her dad stops her, she says that if her dad doesn’t cum inside her she’s going to wake her up so they start fucking doggystyle and he cums inside her. The series ends with the daughter kissing her dad goodbye and him going back to his tent.

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