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The hardson Sibs is parody porn comic of The Hardy Boys but with a sexy redhead big sister instead. A sister incest porn comic by JAB Comix.

The Hardon Sibs Chapter 1 (Jab Comix)

The Hardon Sibs Chapter 1’s cover shows the sister in a skimpy bikini smothering her brother with her big boobs. The story starts off in the city of bayperv a long time ago, a thief is seen trying to steal Ms. Shaw’s famous apple pie, as soon as he tries to grab it a string pulls the pie away. Little Jo and Frankie, aka The Hardon Siblings, are seen as the master minds who devised the plan to catch the bayperv pie-snatcher.

In downtown bayperv, present day, Frankie now all grown up is seen fanning himself with some final notice bills asking his sister if they can turn the AC on. Jo walks into their office in nothing but a red bikini, holding a bottle of lotion, telling her brother that she sold the AC for their phone bill. Frankie seems obviously flustered by his sister’s hot body and asks her why she’s dressed in that way, she lets him know that it’s because it’s ‘hotter than heck in here’ and asks him to rub some of the lotion on her back while they wait for the next case, she can’t seem to get all those hard-to-reach places. Frankie takes a big gulp and nervously agrees, he starts massaging the lotion on her soldiers, she starts moaning from his touch and lets him know he should have become a masseuse instead of a detective.

Jo’s tits have now fallen out of her bikini which gets Frankie to get a hardon, Jo’s eyes are closed looking down in pure bless and asks him to rub that lotion on her lower back making sure to dig deep in her muscles. As the massage continues the sister starts leaning forward, inching towards her brother’s cock, he warns her and she opens her eyes, laying witness to his huge penis. She starts licking her lips while pointing at his dick, he nervously lets her know that it was just a coincidence and that he was thinking of something else. She takes a closer look and starts drooling on his dick, the brother moans in ecstasy this makes Jo back up in disgust.

Jo lets her brother know that they are siblings, she takes a glance again and notices that he’s dripping in precum and lets him know that those pants are probably ruined. Just then there phone rings and Frankie picks up the phone, the caller on the other hand lets him know of his issue, some of his friend’s have gone missing, three of them all in the last 2 months. The caller lets him know that he’s a wealthy man and if they would be willing to meet him at his home, atop ‘Pirates Hill’.

Frankie hangs up, he whispers out loud ‘wealthy man’ and starts dreaming about flying through a cloud of money. Jo snaps him out of his day dreaming, Frankie brings his sister closer exclaiming that they’re going to be rich, her boobs still out she asks him to let her go, Frankie drags her with him to rush straight to Pirates Hill, Jo protests that she’s still in her bikini, Frankie replies that there’s no time.

The Hardon Sibs are now at the wealthy man’s home getting served a lobster meal, Dickwood Stiffington introduces himself and lets them know that he prefers his business propositions discussions over a meal. Jo laughs and asks if that’s really his name, Dickwood replies yes and that it was quite convenient since he was once a pornstar and that he didn’t have to change his name. Jo replies that he doesn’t look like a pornstar and he offers some proof by showing off his massive schlong. Jo entranced by his cock starts sucking the tip, Frankie preoccupied with the lobster starts asking him questions about the case. He lets them know that the three of his friends that went missing were former costars of his. The three girls played the live action version of the classic incest porn comic series “Ay Papi“, the were the main female characters but now they’ve all went missing. Dickwood whispers that he’s close, Jo comments that the case sounds delicious and takes as much of his load as she can in her mouth. Frankie finally notices what his sister was doing and spits out his lobster, Dickwood lets them both know that Frank’s little sister just earned them an extra $5,000 on the case if they find his missing co-stars. The Hardson Sibs are ecstatic showing cartoon money signs in their eyes, Frankie drags her sister out and lets Dickwood know that they’ll find his costars and yoinks a lobster to go.

Later that day The Hardon Sibs are at the Bayperv public library, Frankie finds that Richard Flaccid was an associate producer on EVERY film that Dickwood starred in. With some further research Richard Flaccid is now making a fortune on speaking against the incest porn industry on the lecture circuit and it looks like he’s trying to make sure that ANYONE connected to his incest porn past disappears. The author breaks the fourth wall by stating that most readers probably don’t care about The Hardon Sibs myster aspect and they just want to get to the sex, so he lets them know that they’ll just skip the sex scenes. Frankie is seeing dragging his busty sister out of the library.

At Richard Flaccid lair we see Frankie and Jo tied up, Jo’s huge tits are out again and in this high stress situation, Frankie’s boner is pushed up against his sister. Underneath them there’s a pit of crocodile waiting for Richard Flaccid to drop their dinner. Richard Flaccid does the normal villain schtick calling The Hardon Sibs fools for thinking they could stop him, Jo lets her brother know that his penis is rubbing against her crotch. Richard Flaccid pulls a lever and lets The Hardon Sibs know that they will slowly lower to the crocodile pool, and leaves before seeing them get eaten himself, his henchmen ask him if that’s a good idea, and he replies with “So you think you can dance is on” and he doesn’t want to miss it.

As The Hardon Sibs are slowly descending, Jo’s bikini bottom has gone to the side and Frankie’s penis is out, as they get lowered more Frankie’s cock penetrates his sister’s pussy, Jo moans out Frankie’s name as Jo does the same while sucking her nipples. Jo and Frankie end up cumming together and they fall into the crocodile pool, they don’t end up eating The Hardon Sibs in the vicious sense, but they are seen licking Jo’s pussy as she moans in pleasure.

At the same time Richard Flaccid is seen holding a gun to the live action Ay Papi cast, The Hardon Sibs break into the room the girls are captured in and let’s them know they’ll be rotting in bayperv jail for a long time. One of the Ay Papi girls asks if they have any weapons, Frankie sheepishly says no, Jo confidently takes off her bikini top and exclaims that she’s got two! She starts getting gang banged by the two henchmen and Richard Flaccid as Frankie starts untying the girls. The Ay Papi girls looking at Jo get absolutely ravaged start getting horny and throw their clothes off, and an orgy commences. Frankie is in the corner when his sister Jo calls him over to get his cock in on the action, drooling and lust in the eyes she states ‘C’mon Big Bro … who the fuck cares anymore’, Frankie throws off his clothes and Jo fondles his balls while getting ready to suck his cock, stating “I think this is the best case we’ve ever taken”.

Frankie starts fucking his sister while sucking on her nipples and getting his ass eaten by one of the MILFS, one of the blonde babes gets semen in her mouth and shares it with her costar. Richard Flaccid says he’s gonna cum when a MILF attacks him from behind and forces him to fuck her ass. Jo and Frankie start making passionate love alone when Jo tells him “you cock feels soo fuckin’ good, brother!”. Frankie finishes inside his sister, and says that he doesn’t know how they’re going to get any work done from now on, they’re thankful that Dickwood is paying them a hefty fortune for this case. Chapter 1 of The Hardon Sibs ends with the police arriving at the scene of the crime only to witness the aftermaths of a huge orgy.

The Hardon Sibs Chapter 2 (Jab Comix)

The Hardon Sibs & The Case of Yancy Screw is the name of the second issue. The Hardson Sibs are seen to be on the case again, when they’re seen trapped in a closet, Frankie has a hardon rubbing his dick against his sister’s butt cheeks. Frankie let’s them know that they’re brother and sister and they can’t keep letting this happen, Jo teases him and lets him know that he enjoyed it a lot last time while rubbing his balls, she turns around and says it’s a victimless crime and starts french kissing him. Frankie pushes her away, his dick in between her big boobs, he asks her why she’s in a bikini again, they’re in the Smithers Mansion and it’s October! She seductively lets him know that tight clothes are so inhibiting while rubbing his cock through his pants.

A timer goes off she exclaims that the “Smithers Mansion Marauder” should be here any second now, she sneaks into a room and lights up a rope with a candle, triggering a cage trap to go off. Confused because she thought she timed everything currently she looks at the cage, thinking intensively, Frankie puts his ear against another door and lets Jo know there’s something going on in the room. They barge open the door and in there, Yancy Screw is seen riding the criminal telling him it’s the last fuck he’ll have for a while. Frankie has his mouth gaped open amazed by her beauty, Jo rolls her eyes and lets aloud her distaste for “Celebrity Detectives”. A montage of Yancy Screw beating up bad guys, escaping from a burning building and breaking open a safe plays while Frankie comments that she’s even more beautiful than she is on TV. Just then Yancy Screw moans and gets off the criminal’s dick, she takes out a pair of handcuffs and let’s the Smithers Mansion Marauder” know the case is closed, he complains that he didn’t get to finish. Yancy Screw is wearing black pants, a black turtle neck but they don’t stop from her curves being shown off.

Frankie introduces himself as Yancy Screw starts putting her clothes back on, and lets her know that it’s an honor to meet her, she doesn’t shake his hand just says “Time for the cameras” and leaves the room. Jo finishes the Marauder to completion and just says that she thinks it would be a shame to waste a good cock.

Later that night Yancy Screw is seen on the news letting the announcer (Erica) know that the job was quite simple, it just required the right trap and timing. The Hardon Sibs are watching this segment, Jo exclaims that she’s a bitch while Frankie is still smitten with her. Jo tells Frankie that she took credit for the trap they made, she didn’t make the trap she just fucked the criminal into submission. Jo complains that the case would’ve helped them get out of their dingy office since their previous case didn’t help them all that much, just the the phone rings and Jo answers. A sexy GILF is on the other line and says she has a case for them, Jo greets her with Aunt Gertrude.

The next day The Hardon Sibs are at a pool, Jo is in her signature pink bikini as usual but this seems like the time and place for one. Jo comments that she didn’t know that community colleges had their own pools, Aunt simply replies that she had it built 2 years ago, Jo also comments about their yearly prom. Aunt Gertrude states that the community college world is quite competitive and that she needs The Hardon Sibs to get rid of the “Ghosts” as it’s hurting their enrollment. Jo says that they’re on the case and for her not to worry about putting her sun tan lotion herself since Frankie’s the best at that. Frankie looks nervous as he’s trying to hide his boner and says that he better not. Aunt Gertrude slyly lets him know that she just needs some on the inside of her legs as she opens it up for him revealing her surprisingly tight body and pussy. Frankie takes a big gulp and starts rubbing the sun tan lotion all over her thighs, Aunt Gertrude starts moaning at his touch, Jo sneaks up behind her and starts massaging her shoulders when her boob pops out of her bikini. Aunt Gertrude starts licking her nipple, Jo lets her brother know that the whole ghost incident has her aunt all tensed up and that he should put more energy into the massage. Frankie takes another gulp and starts massaging her pussy, the Aunt lets out a yelp as she puts her niece’s whole boob in her mouth as Frankie starts fingering her. Aunt Gertrude lets frank know that her hips are sore and grabs his hand and puts it on her hips, she wants him to massage them for her. He gets on top of her and starts rubbing his cock against her tight pussy. Jo climbs onto Aunt Gertrude’s face and gets her to lick her pussy, she starts french kissing her brother as he continues to rub his cock against the Aunt’s pussy. Jo pulls away from the kiss and let’s her brother know that he’s the best kisser in town, Frankie ends up cumming all over his aunt’s stomach and his sister’ tits. Jo licks her brother’s semen off her tits and lets him know the case is off to a good start.

A bit later Aunt Gertrude and Frankie are both sitting down on a pool bench looking flustered. Jo confirms that the problem is that these “Ghosts” keep coming to the community college’s big events (like the prom) and scaring everyone away. Jo comes up with a plan where Frankie and her just need to attend the prom as photographers and search for clues, all she needs now is a date. Jo asks her aunt if her cousin chet (the aunt’s son) would be her date, Aunt lets her know to be careful since he’s an innocent boy. In his room Chet is jerking off furiously to porn.

Two nights later, Chet is seen getting dressed for the prom, he’s frustrated that he has to go to the prom, and his mom lets him know that he’s the son of the president of the school so he has to, he starts complaining about having to go with his cousin Jo. His aunt says that he hasn’t seen his cousins in a while, just then the doorbell rings. Jo is dressed in a classy blue dress showcasing her beautiful breasts, her hair is up in a bun and she’s wearing hoop earrings, Chet is immediately entranced by his cousin.

On the way to the prom, Jo and her cousin are in the limo when she starts talking to him about how big this case is for them, Chet is just staring at her boobs and says she’s pretty when he gets a boner. Jo glances down and is surprised at his penis and lets him know that he might have a hard time dancing with that thing poking out, she unzips his dick and starts sucking him off in the limo, Aunt Gertrude comments on the zipping noise. Jo compliments his dick being thick and pudgy like him, she says that the college isn’t too far away so she’ll have to speed things up, she takes out her boobs from her dress and starts giving her cousin a boob job. Aunt Gertrude finally notices in the rear view mirror what they’re doing, she looks at her son’s penis and starts masturbating about how much he’s grown. She starts swerving on the road as she starts fingering herself in pace with Jo jerking off Chet with her tits, he cums a huge load and Aunt Gertrude looks like she came as well, a bit later they arrive at the college.

At the prom, Yancy Screw is being interviewed by the reporter again being asked why she’s at BayPerv Community College, she says she’s there to solve a mystery. Jo gets out of the limo, putting her boobs back in her dress. Chapter 2 of The Hardon Sibs ends with Yancy Screw going into the Prom looking down at Jo, saying out loud she’s going to “Show this hickville town how to really solve a mystery”, Jo determined walks close behind her with clenched fists to teach Yancy Screw a lesson with Frankie and his camera close behind.

The Hardon Sibs Chapter 3 (Jab Comix)

The Hardon Sibs & The Mystery of the Ghostly Prom is the name of the 3rd issue in the series. The cover shows a congo line of Jo, Chet, Yancy Screw and Frankie with a ghost lusting over Jo, Chet lusting over Jo and Frankie lusting over Yancy Crew. This issue starts with Aunt Gertrude talking about prom night being the best night of the year, but if the “ghost” crashes again no one might come back and they might have to shut the college down. Aunt Gertrude is drinking from the prom punch when Frankie points out the semen in her hair, the Aunt takes it out and eats it moaning her son’s name, Chester.

Jo and Yancy Screw are arguing on the other side of the room, Jo smugly tells her that Bayperv already has enough detectives, Yancy retorts that this town might have detectives but no any good ones. Yancy tells Jo to watch her to learn how a real detective works and brings out a list of suspects, she spots a black man dancing with a slut and drags him by the tie slamming the gymnasium door behind him. They arrive at a bull pen, and Yancy asks the student what the fuck a bull is doing here, and why it’s wearing a sweater, he replies that he’s the college mascot, Benny. She pushes the guy on the doors and interrogates him on if he knows about the “ghost”, he claims he doesn’t know anything, she shoves her notebook on his face which reads “Ghost is Male”, and since the black student is a male, it makes him a suspect. He has a boner now, and Yancy Screw takes off her top revealing her boobs saying that it’s time for detective work. She starts sucking his BBC and she succeeds in deep throating it, when she pulls out she is gasping for air and Benny the Bull is seen charging at the pen doors entranced by Yancy.

Yancy commands him to get on the floor and get his dick pointed to the sky, she is stripping off her pants revealing her clean shaven tight pussy, she starts riding him saying he won’t do any haunting after this, he exclaims again that he isn’t the ghost. She starts slamming her pussy against his dick and playing with her nipples while riding him, she screams at him to fuck her harder and he begs her to stop yelling at him, she grabs him by the neck and tells him that no one tells Yancy Screw what to do. She starts french kissing him and they orgasm at the same time. Yancy isn’t done yet, she gets real close to the student and seductively whispers that most people can’t last more than 5 minutes so she wants to get something out of it and commands him to stick his finger in her asshole, he does so and she tells him to go deeper. She rides him harder and he finishes inside her again, looking exhausted on the floor. She says out loud that if he is the ghost he won’t be doing any haunting tonight and sucks clean his finger that was in her asshole. Benny the bull has gotten out of his pen and licks Yancy’s ass cheek, scared she jumps on top of a light fixture and says “You dirty, smelly … GIGANTIC animal”, hinting at his penis.

At the same time another detective is hard at work, Jo is seen giving a piercing gaze with her blue eyes to all the students she suspects, the guy that’s failing his classes so maybe he has a grudge against the school, the girl that was cut from the volleyball team, while she’s doing this detective recon Chet is dancing with her and his face is getting smothered by her perfect tits. Jo notices that his dick is pressing against her pussy and she exclaims that she’s never getting any work done with that thing poking against her and grabs his tie dragging him to the storage room. She pushes him against the wall and starts giving him a boob job on her knees, once he’s hard enough she starts riding him, he gives her a good pounding while sucking on her nipples. As they continue to fuck a clicking noise starts happening and they end up going through a trap door.

Chet is still hard and on top of his cousin, but they arrive in a mysterious room and a ghost introduces himself. He says his name is Barry and that he will get his revenge on Gertrude Reynolds tonight, Jo pushes her hand through him and finally believes that what she sees in front of her is a real ghost. Jo notices that the ghost has a boner, and Barry replies that she’s not wearing a top so it’s a natural reaction. Jo makes a deal, he tells her why he’s haunting the college and she lets him put his one solid body part to good use. Two years ago Barry finally landed a date with the girl of his dreams, Gertrude Reynolds. He rented a tuxedo, made a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant but when he got there, the slutty Gertrude was blowing the waiter. Jo, fully nude now, stroking his dick asks if he killed himself after seeing that, he replies that if he was just so shocked that he accidently stepped in front of a bus on his way home. Jo sympathizes with Barry but makes a deal where if she can give him the fuck he deserves that night, he promises to leave the college alone. She starts giving him a boob job while licking the tip of his penis, Barry accepts her deal, Jo calls over for Chet to give her asshole some attention.

Aunt Gertrude is seen looking for Jo and Chet and she arrives at the storage room, she sees the secret trap door and enters it, arriving at the ghost’s room. Chet is seen on top of Jo fucking her ass, and Jo is blowing Barry when Aunt Gertrude arrives but first in the room. Aunt Gertrude hypnotized by her son’s cock starts crawling towards them, she thinks to herself that she shouldn’t be having these thoughts but she still wants to touch it so badly. She starts licking his shaft that’s in Jo’s asshole and pushes him off her. Chet is confused by his mom’s actions, but Gertrude tells her son to stop calling her mom and starts riding him, behind them Barry is seen fucking Jo’s ass from behind.

Meanwhile, back at the prom all the girls are looking for their dates, they’ve realized that all the guys have disappeared, Frankie checks in Benny’s pen to see if there’s a clue there, when he witnesses Yancy fucking the last of the college students while Benny licks her pussy, she orgasms and passes out on the floor when she sees Benny’s cock and figures why not and starts sucking it’s dick. A bit later Frankie can’t help himself and starts fucking her from behind as she sucks Benny’s cock. She pulls her mouth off Benny’s dick and starts riding Frankie, Benny starts fucking her in the ass as Frankie is fucking her in the pussy.

At Barry’s lair Chet is seen fucking his mom while sucking her tits, and Barry is fucking Jo from behind. Chet ends up finishing inside his mom, and Gertrude admits that she hasn’t been using the pill as much, she concedes that they do have extra room in the house. Barry blows an enormous load all over Jo, Jo licks her lips, ecstatic to find Frank and tell him how she solved the case. Chapter 3 of The Hardon Sibs ends with Yancy Screw still having that threesome with the bull and Frank when Jo takes a picture right when she’s getting a facial from Frank. Jo says smugly that it looks like there won’t be any celebrity detectives in Bayperv after all while Yancy swears at her.