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The Swap is a MILFToon mother incest parody porn comic by Chesare based on Rick and Morty featuring Beth and Morty.

The Swap – Rick and Morty MILFTOON

The Swap Rick and Morty MILFTOON is a porn comic with Beth from Rick and Morty as the main MILF. She’s in a much more flattering art style with huge tits and a tight body, she’s wearing her staple red top and blue jeans but she looks a million times better. Beth is still an alcoholic in this comic and is up late when she sees Morty watching TV on the couch she says that she’s trying to drown her divorce with wine. The cartoon MILF agrees to let her son drink some of the wine when he asks and a couple of bottles later Beth has a shirt unbuttoned and is showing her bra. They are both very drunk and Beth is being touchy with Morty, Beth admits to Morty that the reason for their divorce is because she wants another baby but her husband doesn’t. Morty being horny drunk slips out that his Mom’s tits look good enough to lick, Beth taking the hint starts undressing her pants. This is too much for Morty and he starts getting a boner, Beth being curious asks to see what he’s working with. Morty is very embarrassed and admits that he gets very nervous around girls with nice boobs and Beth flashes her tits to try and get Morty more comfortable. This Rick and Morty Porn Comic is ended early, hopefully MILFToon picks this comic back up soon because the artwork is amazing and the characters + storyline are incredible hot.