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Unemployed is a MILF mother incest parody porn comic by Chesare for MILFToon.

Unemployed Chapter 1 MILFToon

Unemployed Chapter 1 by MILFToon’s cover introduces the main MILF/mom, she looks eerily similar to the MILF of Redneck Age. She’s a sexy redhead MILF, she’s wearing a blue bandana, complimenting her eyes, a plain black top and a short jean skirt. Chapter 1 starts with the dad calling himself a failure in front of his wife, the MILF reassures him that she’s sure he’ll be able to find a job and to not tell their son as his grades have been improving and telling him about the money issues will only make him stressed. The husband complains that whenever he finds a job the next day someone calls the employer and tells them that he’s a thief. The MILF reassures him that she’ll stay with him no matter what.

The son enters the room and tells his mom to make breakfast as he’s going to be late for work, the mother replies that he’ll eat at ‘work’ and the father leaves, dejected. As soon as his car leaves the MILF asks her son if he did ‘it’ again, the son says that he did meaning he was the person that called the employer saying that his father was a thief. He says that he’ll stop doing it when his mom makes him cum again and that he’ll be in his room when she changes her mind, the mom replies that it was an accident and that she thought he was his father.

A few days earlier at night, the son is seen grabbing the redhead MILF from behind and rubbing his boner on her ass, the MILF is horny and likes the silent sex and tells him to keep an eye out for their son. The MILF gets pounded from behind, her boobs outside her apron as the son finishes inside, he moans “I am cumming, mom”. The MILF realizes it’s her son and starts scolding him when his father comes in, the MILF lets him know that she’s just irritated that her son is awake so late during a school night.

The father leaves and the MILF slaps her son, the son exclaims that she asked for it and that if she really didn’t know the difference between her son and father’s height and penis difference.

Back to the present time, the MILF enters her son’s room in a pink towel, she makes her son promise that it will be the last time, the son retorts that she always says that and the next day she keeps coming back. The son starts licking his mom’s neck and asks her if she’s so loyal, why she keeps flirting with everyone, if his friends, she replies that she just wants to feel sexy and that she would never act on it. The son gets on top of his mother putting his dick in between her boobs and finishes on his mom’s face.

The dad starts calling his wife, and back home the MILF hears her phone going off but she’s in the middle of getting her pussy eaten by her son. The MILF screams that they said no penetration but the son brushes it off saying it’s just his fingers, she says it feels different. The son replies with “does it feel like a dick?” and starts finger banging her while licking her boobs, she orgasms from his passionate touch. As the MILF catches her breath, her son gets out his penis penetrates his mom’s pussy, he starts thrusting his head in between her boobs. He creampies his mother, against her wishes, the MILF grabs a tissue cleaning the semen from her vagina while the son laughs. The next morning the son is fucking his mom on his chair while she rides him, in the afternoon he fucks her from behind while she holds onto the kitchen counter.

At night she’s giving her son a boob job with his father right next to her, he gets her to turn around after he cums and starts fucking her from behind, warning her moans to be quiet as she might wake up his father. The MILF realizes he might wake up goes to the living room with her son and she starts riding him on the couch, they turn on the TV to watch some porn while he fucks her. She tells him that she doesn’t want the day to end and for him to keep fucking her until they’re exhausted. Chapter 1 of Unemployed by MILFToon ends with MILF waking up in the morning seeing her husband’s car drive off, she wakes her son up, tears in her eyes thinking that her husband saw her sleeping with her son.

Unemployed Chapter 2 MILFToon

Unemployed Chapter 2 by MILFToon has not yet been released, it’s a newer MILFToon porn comic, so there is a possibly of there being a sequel. Chesare has done an amazing job again so hopefully they continue this series!