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Wine and Dine is a MILFToon mother son incest porn comic.

Wine and Dine MILFToon Chapter 1

Wine and Dine by MILFToon Chapter 1 starts with the MC laying in bed playing a video game on his phone, his mother comes in wearing plain sweatshirts and a sweater and scolds her son for not cleaning his room. She asks her son to pause his online game (you obviously can’t do that) and come help him, she picks up a kitchen towel and asks why it’s so sticky. The son, embarrassed grabs it back and says he’ll wash it later, the MILF reminds him that she’s having an anniversary with her husband tonight and that he better keep the house clean while she’s gone. A couple hours later the son gets out of bed from his gaming session and overhears his mom arguing with his dad about him being unable to make it to their anniversary because of work. He walks into the bathroom and bares witness to his mom in just a towel showcasing her big boobs, she takes off her towel in frustration, and the son wanting to save it for later takes a picture. Unfortunately the flash goes off, the MILF notices the flash but doesn’t end up catching her son. Later in the kitchen the son is looking for food, when his MILF of a mom walks in with a red dress and stockings, the son compliments her and she blushes.

The son is eating cereal when the mom starts talking with him with wine in her hand, reassuring him (and herself) that his dad is just pretending to be late but will end up picking her up and wine and dine her. The son let’s her know that after all these years she still doesn’t know how he is, he’s a workaholic and he’d rather be at the office than with his hot wife. The MILF blushes at her son calling her hot and reminds him about his clan battle video game, and he rushes off to his room. Later that night the MILF is alone, having gone through bottles of wine and goes upstairs to change, the son is looking at the picture he took of his mom earlier in the day, he reaches for his cum towel, but his mom ended up taking it. His eyes glued to his phone, he starts walking when he accidently bumps into his mom trying to unzip her dress, he pushes her down into a doggystyle position on the bed and her mom notices his phone.

Noticing that the naked girl on his phone is her, and she starts scolding her son. With quick thinking he decides to play the sympathy card “Well mom … I just wanted to show you how good looking and pretty you are! I know that you think that dad doesn’t pay enough attention to you right now but … if it was up to me I would totally be with you all the time! That’s why I wanted to show you this picture so you can see how beautiful you still are. The erection was just a natural male response to your beautiful body”. The MILF shames her son for thinking that just because she’s drunk, lonely and in a fragile state while her son has an erection, doesn’t mean she’s going to have sex with her, but she will give him a blowjob for being a gentlemen. The son stunned questions his mom, and the mom admits that she was going to do something sexual tonight so she’ll settle with her son on the condition that it’s a one time thing and just for tonight and that he doesn’t mention it to anyone.

The MILF goes over to her son and starts getting on her knees, noticing how nervous her son is half way down, she asks if he’s sure he wants it, and he replies “more than anything, mom”. The MILF starts gobbling her son’s cock like a pro and tells him to warn her when he’s about to cum, he’s in too much ecstasy to hear her and finishes inside her mouth. The MILF spits out the cum in her son’s towel and asks her son to help her get off her dress, he does so and starts groping her ass. The MILF turns around and sees that her son is fully naked, the son claims that he still hasn’t returned the favor and starts making out with his mom and pushes her on the bed. He starts eating her out, although inexperienced, his enthusiasm makes up for it.

The MILF’s phone starts ringing and it’s her husband, she picks up and tells her son to keep quiet, the son taking this as an opportunity, starts rubbing the tip in her vagina, when the MILF stops him. The son doesn’t want this night to end with his dad replacing him so he knocks her phone over in his rage, and the MILF dives over the side of the bed to pick it up. The MILF’s ass now in a perfect position, her son starts rubbing his dick in between her butt cheeks. While still on the phone the dirty talk that the son is spewing is creating a broken telephone that the wife has to make excuses for. She hangs up and gets away from her son and turns her back to him, taking this as a chance he penetrates his mom’s vagina and the son tells her to answer it while he fucks her, she answers but the moans and dirty talk are too loud that she tries to make an excuse about the reception. The son flips her over, and in her surprise she screams, she makes up that she saw a cockroach, the son replies “more like a cock” and continues pounding her in the missionary position. He ends up cumming inside her all while she’s still on the phone with her husband, she says that she should hang up when the dad ends up admitting that he’s outside the house. Chapter 1 of Wine and Dine by MILFToon ends with the MILF quickly getting dressed and slapping her son twice for the hassle he put her through.

Wine and Dine MILFToon Chapter 2

Wine and Dine by MILFToon currently does not have a Chapter 2. Although it’s one of the newer ones, it looks like it didn’t have as much popularity as many of the other porn comics in MILFToon’s catalogue, this might be due to the less than par artwork and shoddy storyline, but even so a chapter 2 is not impossible.